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July 10, 2018

miRecule Inc. is raising $1 million to stop cancer tumors in their tracks - Washington Business Journal

This seed round will send the startup into the next phase of its journey toward clinical trials.

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Rip Ballou, MD, VP & Head, GSK Global Vaccines US R&D Center, joins host Rich Bendis on a new episode of BioTalk

In this new episode of BioTalk, Rip Ballou, MD, VP & Head, GSK Global Vaccines US R&D Center and BHI President & CEO Rich Bendis discuss GSK’s move to the BioHealth Capital Region, their Vaccines Portfolio/Future, and the importance of succeeding in the industry today.

W. Ripley Ballou, MD is Vice President and Head, GSK Global Vaccines U.S. R&D Center in Rockville, MD - Just outside of Washington, DC. Prior to this he was VP and Head, Clinical Research and Translational Science, Vaccine Discovery and Development at GSK Vaccines in Rixensart, Belgium. Previously he served as Deputy Director for Vaccines, Infectious Diseases Development, Global Health at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Dr. Ballou is an expert in vaccine development and has worked in this field for more than 30 years. Trained in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, he began his work on vaccines at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research where he led the team that with GlaxoSmithKline co-developed RTS,S, the world’s most advanced malaria vaccine. Dr. Ballou has numerous publications in the field of vaccine development and infectious diseases.

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Aaron Chang, Renalert CEO - Engineering a Global Paradigm Shift to Prevent Acute Kidney Injury · BioBuzz

Every entrepreneur has a “founder’s story” that serves to build the unique framework for why they are just the right person to solve a specific problem. For Aaron Chang, CEO of Renalert, that story began at Johns Hopkins University in the Masters of Bioengineering Innovation and Design program.

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AgriTech Accelerator at Farm Progress Show

Attending the Farm Progress Show at Boone, Iowa, this year? Add the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator to your list of exhibitors to visit.

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WellDoc®’s BlueStar® Now Available for Hypertension and Weight Management - WellDoc Inc

WellDoc®, a leading digital health company, today announces hypertension and weight management solutions integrated within its digital therapeutic app for type 2 diabetes, BlueStar®. Later this year, WellDoc will launch its stand-alone product for individuals living with hypertension (high blood pressure) and stand-alone products are also in development for multiple chronic diseases.

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Why A Spin-off Is A Win-Win For Big Pharma And Startups

When Viela Bio spun out of MedImmune in March, it started with six assets — three in clinical trials and three in preclinical development — putting it ahead of most startups and many spin-offs. “Other spin-offs often are developing assets that have been shelved for various reasons or that have been deprioritized,” Bing Yao, Ph.D., CEO, notes. “But for Viela Bio, this is a continuation of the programs, not a handoff.”

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Biobuzz Directory - 3 Biotech Startups Among Recipients of TEDCO's Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII) $5.6 Million Funding

TEDCO, Maryland’s economic engine for technology companies, announced its recent investments through the Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII). With the latest round of funding, MII’s funding count for FY18 includes 38 technology assessment grants and seven start-up investments for a total of $5.56 million. True to its technology agnostic funding history, this year the startups ranged from medical devices to aeronautics and the sports industry.

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CosmosID is the top performer in Janssen's Mosaic Strain Challenge and precisionFDA's CFSAN Pathogen Detection Challenge — CosmosID

CosmosID a bioinformatics provider and NGS service laboratory announced that the company’s cloud-based bioinformatics platform for microbiome analysis has received the highest score in the strain-level microbial profiling category of the Mosaic Community Challenge and for strain-level microbial identification in the precisionFDA Pathogen Detection Challenge.

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gel-e expands its OTC label

gel-e Inc., announces the 510(k) clearance of gel-e FLEX by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the over-the-counter (OTC) use of its first flowable hemostat.

This new clearance expands the Company's label that now includes the use of gels and bandages in the local management of bleeding, such as lacerations and minor bleeding. These products are specifically designed to create rapid hemostasis through easy-to-use applications for professional healthcare providers, parents, coaches, adult caregivers and even patients themselves. gel-e FLEX also complements the Company's already FDA cleared vascular closure device, Vascular gel-e®, as it can be worn home by patients to manage any residual bleeding from an out-patient diagnostic or interventional procedure, see

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Gemstone Biotherapeutics receives $225K from 'America's Seed Fund' - Baltimore

With federal funding, Gemstone Biotherapeutics is eying development of the next generation of its wound-healing technology.

The Federal Hill startup is developing treatments that enable skin regeneration without scars.

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Four steps to building an innovation culture in pharma - Pharmaphorum

The quest for innovation is a major driving force in pharma. From the discovery of therapeutic biologicals in the 1920s, such as Salvarsan and insulin, to the blockbuster drugs birthed in the 1990s, such as Lipitor and Humira, pharma has always been on a quest for novel, groundbreaking drug development.

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Israel's Teva to move US HQ from Pennsylvania to New Jersey | The Times of Israel

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., the troubled Israeli manufacturer of generic drugs, will be moving its US headquarters from Pennsylvania to New Jersey, lured by 10-year, $40 million tax incentive plan.

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