Applied Biomimetic Inc. (

Applied Biomimetic is an international biomimetic engineering group that builds upon a simple but powerful concept: Nature’s ability to separate chemical elements at the molecular level using highly specialized proteins as tools such as the selective aquaporin water channel that brought the 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry to its discoverer.

AB has developed a concept where they maintain the superior water transport capabilities of the aquaporin water channel while embedding it into a robust polymer structure thus allowing the company to make membranes applicable for industrial purposes.

AB is focusing on the development of a wide range of applications for its patented technology. The aim is to provide disruptive solutions for the water treatment, health, food, and other industries enabling these industries to enhance their products, reduce costs, and save energy. The membranes are designed to withstand changing and sometimes harsh environment in various industrial applications.

In order to further strengthen our protein team AB is looking to hire an experienced individual in protein chemistry to help further develop and scale-up our protein activities.

AB Inc. has more than 10 employees.

Work Location The AB main office is located in Gaitherburg, Maryland.

Reporting Structure This position is a direct report line to company’s Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) Main tasks and responsibilities:

• Understanding and development of comprehensive R&D plans.

• Knowledgeable of and experience with membrane protein expression, purification and characterization.

• Genetic manipulation of membrane proteins

• Responsible for designing and implementation of experiments, including internal coordination, task distribution to technicians, completing deliverables, meeting milestones, and overall timelines.

• Perform robust analysis of data from lab experiments, and being responsible for documentation and reporting of technical progress and results

• Accountable for project deliverables, and communicate status and other related information to management and project team members

• Being focused on details and efficiency in the laboratory as well as having an interdisciplinary approach to the tasks at hand while exercising good laboratory practice. The qualified candidate must have:

• Ph.D. in bio-chemistry or molecular biology (or similar) with several years of experience in either industry or post-doc positions, and the potential to develop into R&D manager

• Good communication and team working skills • Ability to thrive in a fast paced environment, work short cycle times and flexible hours if required, and deliver results under pressure

• Ability to work independently and maintain a high level of quality in work

• A desire to work in a start-up company

• US work permit Preferred Skills and Experience:

• Knowledge of and experience with optimizing protein manufacturing processes with specific focus on membrane proteins

• Knowledge of and experience with genetic manipulation of protein expression systems

• Knowledge of and experience with colloidal science (lamellar phases)

• Experience with one or more of the following laboratory instruments: SFLS, FPLC, HPLC, spectroscopy, microscopy, etc.

• Results oriented and with excellent analytical skills

• Self-motivated with drive, and a natural curiosity and interest in new technology and ground-breaking scientific developments. In addition to a challenging and interesting work environment and the opportunity to work on ground-breaking technology we are offering an attractive compensation and benefit package incl. health, dental and 401k etc.


Please forward your resume to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.