RoosterBio Inc, a leading supplier of human Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cell (hMSC) working cell banks and hMSC-specific bioprocess systems, announces today it has submitted a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Type II Master File (MF) for its CliniControl™ line of cGMP hMSC working cell banks. This MF complements the MF for the CliniControl RoosterNourish™-MSC-CC bioprocess media that was filed in 2017. The MFs contain confidential information on the products including their chemistry, manufacture, and controls. This enables RoosterBio to protect proprietary product information yet allows the FDA to review the information in support of an investigator’s submission. Upon request, RoosterBio will grant a customer authorization to cross reference the stated MF(s) to support their own regulatory filing, such as an Investigational New Drug (IND) application to the FDA. INDs are filed with the FDA prior to beginning clinical evaluation of new therapeutic products in human subjects.


The recent shocking reports about a human genome editing experiment have led to increased murmurings about the potential pitfalls of improved access to molecular technologies. Sharing speeds science. That’s been the driving concept behind Addgene since its founding. Nowhere has this proved more prescient than in the acceleration of basic research using CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing tools. It would be a tremendous loss of efficiency and funding if this rogue experiment resulted in a reduction in repository deposits and the sharing of research materials.


At Johnson & Johnson, we believe a good idea can come from anywhere. Our aim is to identify, empower and enable the best ideas to get to patients and consumers around the globe. In an effort to unearth the unseen and brightest innovations in healthcare, Johnson & Johnson Innovation is launching a Quick Pitch event where innovators can apply to present to Johnson & Johnson Innovation's leadership during the week of the 37th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, CA.   If you are selected, you will have an opportunity to present for 5 minutes followed by a 5 minute Q&A session with Johnson & Johnson Innovation's leadership. 

If you have a novel idea that has yet to be introduced to Johnson & Johnson and fits our areas of interest, we would like to hear from you. Apply for an open spot at the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Quick Pitch event to be held on Wednesday, January 9th from 9-11am. Limited spots available.

Applications must be submitted by December 7th.   


The use of tele-medicine is no longer a far off, futuristic concept. It is presently being used in many medical disciplines and in institutions from academic medical centers to privately owned Assisted Living facilities. So what have we learned from utilizing this technology? Have outcomes improved and costs been curtailed? What are the current legislative hurdles regarding licensure and insurance for practitioners? Can the data be easily integrated and accessible to your EHR? Can new entrants into the tele-medicine field differentiate themselves and be fundable to investors? Can we trust the data from wearables and is there enough cybersecurity embedded in these technologies?

Come to the SoPE National Capital Chapter event on December 5th and learn from the experts!


Recent tax-law changes may bring opportunities for you and your family, so it’s good to know what to look for and when to take action. Download our 2018 Year-End Planning Guide now to find out about potential impacts to your estate, charitable giving strategy, business, and more. Then, contact The Private Bank to discuss how our responsive, team approach to wealth planning may benefit you now and year-round.


The biggest proposed IPO in biotech history just got even bigger.

Cambridge-based Moderna Therapeutics disclosed Wednesday that it's hoping to raise up to $600 million in an initial public offering, an increase from the $500 million maximum it proposed earlier this month. Either sum would shatter the previous record for a life sciences IPO, both in biotech-rich Massachusetts and nationwide.