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Avhana Health helps hospitals increase their quality incentive payments by integrating evidence-based guidelines into the physician’s workflow. Currently, the healthcare landscape is rapidly shifting with the adoption of electronic medical records (EMR) and the change from fee-for-service to outcome-based reimbursement. To align with these transformations, healthcare organizations have been tasked with providing standardized care to large groups of patients to improve overall outcomes and curb costs. Working as an intermediary, Avhana Health seamlessly integrates guidelines into the EMR in the form of an adaptive checklist at the point of care. This improves the overall quality of care being provided and increases Medicare bonus reimbursements. Avhana Health is a graduate from the DreamIt Health accelerator where BHI was a sponsor.

Contact: Noah Weiner, Co-Founder/CEO



BeneVir BioPharm is a Maryland-based company that was founded in 2011 based on a technology licensed from New York University. BeneVir is developing an advanced immunotherapeutic platform for the treatment of solid tumors that can both directly kill tumor cells and also activate the human immune system to target tumor metastases and prevent recurrence of tumors. Currently, it is focused on advancing the platform lead into human trials for ovarian, breast, and bladder cancer.

Contact: Dr. Matthew Mulvey, Founder

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CYT-Logo-smallFounded in 1988, CytImmune has transitioned from a successful diagnostics company into a clinical stage nanomedicine company with a core focus on the discovery, development and commercialization of multifunctional, tumor-targeted therapies.

CytImmune is a global leader in the field of nanomedicine with the successful completion of a Phase I clinical trial of CYT-6091 — the first in a series of products based on the CytImmune's Aurimune nanomedicine platform. The company has more than 60 issued and pending patents for its colloidal gold nanotechnology in the United States, European Union, Japan and Canada.

Intravenous Solutions

Early stage company focused on medical devices for hospital systems. Started by 4 physicians out of Stony Brook. This technology is focused on infusion devices and supporting accessories to change how critical care patients in ICU and CCU are managed.

Contact: Dr. Chris Page

Intravenous Solutions


Mdlogix is offering promising mental health assessment software committed to supporting the efforts of researchers and clinicians by providing them with the technologies, tools, and practices they need to work faster and better. Mdlogix is currently developing a mental health assessment tool which could be effective in identifiying at-risk students.

Contact: Allen Tien

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MIMETAS, a Dutch company founded out of the University of Leiden, develops organ-on-a-chip plates for efficacy and toxicity testing during the drug discovery process. Its unique microfluidic technology enables testing of new medicines in high- throughput on miniaturized organ models. The MIMETAS OrganoPlate™ platform allows three-dimensional cell culture under continuous perfusion and for membrane- free co-culture, boundary and gradient formation. As a result, these models have better predictability compared to laboratory animals and conventional cell culture models. MIMETAS develops and validates customized disease, toxicology and transport models and ultimately will make its technology available for personalized therapy selection.

Contact: Paul Vulto and Jos Joore


MockV Solutions

MockV Solutions (MVS) is an early-stage, life science company dedicated to developing novel viral clearance kits to be utilized during process development of biotherapeutics. MVS offers a unique, proprietary viral clearance kit that will help determine whether a company's process will meet regulatory requirements. Currently, no commercially available BSL-1 safe assay exists to provide removal data of virus. MockV Solutions, Inc. aims to develop and commercialize a series of process development kits that would provide purification scientists with “in-house” BSL-1 assays capable of predicting the amount of virus their steps remove. The MVS kit will help reduce costs and make a downstream process development for companies more efficient.

Contact: David Cetlin, Founder/CEO


N5 Sensors, Inc.

N5 is developing sensors that can detect harmful chemicals mixed in air in very small quantities, such as industrial chemicals, automobile exhausts, cigarette smoke, and pollutants released from paints, cleaners, pesticides and other products. These sensors, built using the same fabrication processes that are commonly used for silicon computer chips, are small and accurate with capability to detect multiple gases at the same time in highly selective manner.

Contact: Abhishek Motayed


Perceptive Navigation, LLC

Perceptive Navigation, LLC is a medical device company that is working to design, develop, and market medical devices related to image-guided, minimally-invasive markets related to cardiology, interventional radiology, pulmonology, and urology. The company’s core technology provides for an image-guided interventional device that will significantly improve both the safety and efficacy of millions of procedures per year. Perceptive’s first generation product is a composite device including an introducer needle and front-viewing ultrasound guidance inserted percutaneously for access to blood vessels, organs, and other internal treatment sites.

Contact: Dr. Ted Abraham

perceptive navigation

Speed BioSystems

Speed Biosystems, Inc. is developing novel immunotoxins for the treatment of solid and liquid tumors. Speed’s first generation immunotoxin targets receptor tyrosine kinase-like orphan recepr 1 (ROR1), a recently identified marker highly expressed in many types of cancers, but not in normal adult tissues. The technology was developed in the laboratories of Drs. Christoph Rader and Ira Pastan at the NCI and was licensed by Speed from the National Institutes of Health in 2013. In addition to targeting a novel, specific target for cancer (ROR1), Speed’s lead product is differentiated from first generation immunotoxins by reduced immunogenicity. As a result, the technology has the potential to have broader application to multiple cancer indications, including solid tumors.

Contact: Alex Lai, Founder/CEO


Strand Genomics

BHI is supporting Strand Genomics in the implementation of Strand Centers for Genomics and Personalized Medicine in the U.S. Backed with investments by Biomark Capital, Strand shifted its focus from building software products for research biology to end to end clinical genomics solutions. This includes sample collection, Next Generation DNA sequencing, data analysis, genomic interpretation and clinical reporting. Strand is serving the clinical genomic needs of over 50 major hospitals in India and is now expanding its clinical diagnostic services globally. Targeted gene panels for oncology, cardiology, ophthalmology, monogenic diseases, as well as exome sequencing for discovery of variants associated with undiagnosed rare diseases will be offered through relationships with physicians and premier health establishments in the U.S. Strand’s products portfolio include GeneSpring, Avadis-NGS, iManage, Virtual Liver and StrandOmics – a clinical genomic interpretation engine. Through its Centers, StrandOmics and clinical interpretation services, Strand Genomics aims to democratize clinical genomics.


The Strand Center

StrandOmics Demo

Contact: Vijay Chandru, CEO | Harsha K. Rajasimha, Senior Director - Clinical Genomics Services


VLP Therapeutics

VLP Therapeutics, LLC was formed with a vision to combat the 21st century global public health problems through paradigm-shifting virus like particle (VLP) vaccine technology. The goal of VLP Therapeutics is to introduce first and best-in- class vaccine therapies based on its proprietary platform. The VLP Therapeutics platform consists of a particle which is capable of being self-assembled, comprising a polypeptide or non-peptide chemical compound and at least one antigen. Unlike other VLP technologies, vaccines developed by VLP Therapeutics contain potent immunogenic E proteins that are organized into 240 copies per particle with a highly symmetrical array. These highly symmetrical arrays have been shown to significantly increase B cell responsiveness, enhancing the stimulation of antibodies. In addition to this symmetric feature and repetitive presence of antigen on VLP, these novel VLPs utilize alphaviruses, which are a large particle unlike the currently commercialized VLPs.

Contact: Wataru Akahata, Founder/CEO



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