Many critical components must come together to paint a complete picture of a well-executed research project that will assist a company strategically in its effort to commercialize a product. Small Businesses must articulate the product, R&D milestones, the business plan, and other critical pieces and align these with the expectation of a funding agency. This is not always an easy endeavor.

FFA Process

Competitive proposals can receive up to $5,000 in support funding from BHI to improve upon the submission by hiring a professional to help in the final editing and submission process. Funds are to be repaid to BHI only if the funds are granted to your company in order to replenish funds to support companies in the future. BHI will work throughout the Central Maryland BioHealth regional innovation cluster to identify, promote, and assist the pool of highly qualified commercially relevant companies.

A company interested in submitting a federal government commercialization grant can complete a form on our online platform at a minimum of one-month prior to the submission date. BHI's Federal Funding Assistance Program will review and also task subject matter experts to review and score your SBIR/STTR pre-application concept. Conducted under confidentiality, third party review is important validation of the concept. The individual company will receive the feedback and score from the expert reviewers. If we believe in your concept, we will assist you in developing the proposal further and assemble the necessary resources for you. Financial assistance for service providers to assist in the preparation of the full federal proposal is capped at $5,000 per awarded company. This could mean bringing on an SBIR consultant to help you in your preparation or business strategy assistance, government cost accounting, regulatory process advice, or assisting you with other expenses that you incur the process of submitting your federal grant application.

We believe this will result in improved quality and success rates in federal funding opportunities for Central Maryland-based biohealth companies.