NIHagingJoin NIA's Office of Strategic Extramural Programs as NIA Senior Advisor on Biomedical Innovation and Product Assessment & Director of the Office of Strategic Extramural Programs.

The responsibilities of this position include:

Development of funding programs designed to facilitate advancement of products towards a market prioritizing the needs of older adults, including shaping NIA’s participation and the implementation of the NIH Commercialization Readiness Pilot Program.
Development of resources and educational content that address the challenges innovators face as they attempt to advance projects towards commercialization.
Development of online workshops on commercialization-related topic areas which are then archived on the NIA website.
Development of entrepreneurial accelerator content that is designed to help new innovators understand and be positioned to advance their innovations towards commercialization.
Coordination and collaboration within and between NIA, NIH, HHS, and other federal agencies with mission relevance to NIA.
Operations management, oversight and coordination of NIA’s career development, training, and small business management.
Leadership and supervision of staff within OSEP.