Jesse Baumgold

Jesse BaumgoldPrincipal, BioEnterprises LLC

Dr. Jesse Baumgold attended Oberlin College, and obtained his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Rochester Medical Center. His academic career included 12 years of basic biomedical research at the NIH, and an appointment as Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Radiology at The George Washington University Medical Center. He published over 50 scientific papers in the field of receptor-mediated signal transduction, 4 patents, and landed well over a million dollars of grant support. In 1994, Dr. Baumgold founded Receptor Biology Inc which was the first American company to produce and cell GPCR reagents to the drug discovery community. In 2004, he founded Applied Cell Sciences which provided GPCR products and cell culture services to the drug discovery community. Applied Cell Sciences merged with Cleveland-based ChanTest Corporation in 2009 and Dr. Baumgold currently serves as a Vice President for Product Services. He retains his passion for entrepreneurial companies and is on the Board of Directors of Plasmonix Inc and a member of the Dingman Angels, Active Angels and the Chesapeake Emerging Opportunities club.