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What to be Aware of When Applying for Government Funding
Thursday, April 16, 2015, 07:30am - 09:00am

tech-council-MD-logoThis is the first in our series of roundtables on what you need to know as a startup and emerging companies in the Life Sciences industry. The allure of "free money" inspires many life science companies to pursue government funding as an alternative to traditional equity or debt based financing. Unfortunately, nothing is "free" and government funding comes with its own organizational, management, accounting and compliance costs. This roundtable will reference the issues a company should consider when pursuing government funding and strategies for mitigating them. Topics addressed will include: finding and winning funding that is aligned with your corporate strategy, efficiently creating the infrastructure to manage compliant government contracts, managing your government partners/clients, and negotiating appropriate contracts and IP rights. This talk will reference existing life science government contracts ranging from $5M to over $200M and present both successful strategies and pitfalls to avoid. We will also talk through where government funding has provided the finances and credibility to springboard companies in their corporate growth.

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