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July 18, 2023


TEDCO Invests SSBCI Funding into Kalocyte, Inc.

Maryland-based biotechnology business working to save lives through innovative solutions

COLUMBIA, Md. (July 17, 2023) – TEDCO, Maryland’s economic engine for technology companies, announced a recent $500,000 State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) investment into KaloCyte, Inc. This investment came through TEDCO’s Venture Funds.Elaine Haynes, KaloCyte CEO & President, a TEDCO portfolio company

“Blood is highly perishable, type-specific and blood shortages are common, so most emergency responders do not carry blood, delaying trauma patients access to this life-saving therapy” said Elaine Haynes, president and CEO of KaloCyte. “Thanks to the latest investment from TEDCO, KaloCyte can continue to research, develop, and advance ErythroMer towards clinical trials. With this innovative artificial red blood cell, we hope to save lives both on and off the battlefield.” TEDCO’s investment was matched by Vitalant, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit blood and biotherapies healthcare organizations.

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Introducing the NCI Small Business Transition Grant: A Pathway for Academic Scientists to Entrepreneurship

The Small Business Transition Grant application period is now open, providing a valuable opportunity for early-career academic scientists to transition into entrepreneurship. Graduating students and postdoctoral researchers who have engaged in technology discovery during their academic pursuits and are prepared to embark on a small business venture are encouraged to apply. The eligible technology must fall under one of the following categories: therapeutics and preventive agents, imaging technologies, interventional devices, and in vivo diagnostics, as well as in vitro and ex vivo diagnostics and prognostics.

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NasaClip Unveils Groundbreaking Baltimore-Made Medical Device Transforming Nosebleed Treatment with Hands-Free Compression

New Device Provides an Effective, Hands-Free Solution to Stop Nosebleeds in Children and Adults

Adult and Pediatric NasaClip Sizes Provide Easy-To-Use Options for Chronic Nosebleed Sufferers, Healthcare Professionals, Parents, and Schools; First Available, U.S. Food and Drug Administration Registered Device with Age-Appropriate Sizing for Patients Aged 2 and Older


NasaClip, Inc., a Baltimore-based medical device company focused on improving the lives of patients with nosebleeds and the healthcare professionals who treat them today introduced the NasaClip, an easy-to-use device that provides constant, comfortable hands-free compression combined with intranasal sponges to stop nosebleeds quickly. NasaClip comes in an adult size for ages 14+, and pediatric size for children ages 2 to 13. It is the first nosebleed rescue device that provides adjustable nasal compression for children and adults and is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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University System of Maryland Momentum Fund Invests in Impruvon Health Alongside TCP Venture Capital, New Dominion Angels

Baltimore-based Digital Health Startup is Working to End Medication Errors and Streamline Workflows in Long-Term Care Settings

Baltimore, Md. (July 11, 2023) – Impruvon Health (“Impruvon”), a Baltimore-based digital health startup, announced today that it closed a financing round to support surging demand from healthcare organizations for its enterprise medication management platform. The round is led by The Propel Baltimore Fund from TCP Venture Capital, with participation from the University System of Maryland (USM) Momentum Fund (Momentum Fund) and New Dominion Angels.

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BizJournals: Johns Hopkins University partnership with the Maryland Innovation Initiative looks to eliminate risks mosquitoes bring

By Tammi Thomas - Chief Development and Marketing Officer – TEDCO July 15, 2023, 06:00am EDT - Summer is upon us. Warmer months in the mid-Atlantic often conjure thoughts of flowers, trips to the beach or lake, and backyard cookouts. However, these increased temperatures also mean the emergence of annoying pests, like the mosquito.

Most of us associate mosquitos with mean red, itchy welts and having to bring insect repellents along on outdoor adventures. However, for others, particularly those living in hotter, more humid climates, mosquitoes are more than pests – they can be deadly transmitters of viruses such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever, Zika virus fever or West Nile fever.

Mosquitoes are one of many vectors – insects that can transmit infectious pathogens among humans, or from animals to humans. According to the World Health Organization, “vector-borne diseases account for more than 17% of all infectious diseases, causing more than 700,000 deaths annually.”

This is where Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII) awardee George Dimopoulos, Ph.D., MBA, is stepping in. A professor of molecular microbiology and immunology at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health, Dimopoulos is studying vector-borne diseases and possible ways to render mosquitoes – what he deems “the deadliest animal on the planet” – incapable of transmitting human pathogens.

His research could help to reduce the number of vector-borne diseases. With the aid of a grant from MII, Dimopoulos is seeking to commercialize a nontoxic, environmentally friendly biopesticide. He has developed a cost-effective biopesticide that can target and kill adult and larval stages of mosquitoes and other agricultural pests, such as the Western corn rootworm that causes more than $1 billion in damages each year.

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NIH 2023 SBIR and STTR Omnibus Notices of Funding Opportunity Have Been Published

Applicants are encouraged to review the 2023 SBIR and STTR Omnibus Notices of Funding Opportunity (NOFOs).These NOFOs encourage small businesses to submit grant applications to NIH, CDC, and FDA for innovative ideas across the HHS mission space. The new NOFOs are listed below:

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BARDA seeks Consortium Management Firm to run new Rapid Response Partnership Vehicle

Responding faster and more effectively to future public health challenges and emergencies will require the development of a specific, rapid acquisition vehicle. To achieve this, BARDA is launching the Rapid Response Partnership Vehicle (RRPV), the next generation of acquisition partnering to support U.S. health security.

In alignment with objectives outlined in the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan, BARDA seeks to leverage its Other Transaction Authority (OTA) to develop the RRPV. The RRPV will complement BARDA’s existing acquisition vehicles such as the Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) and the Easy Broad Agency Announcement (EZ-BAA) and will expand the mechanisms through which BARDA can rapidly partner with product developers prior to and during an emergency response. With the RRPV in place, BARDA will be able to leverage OTA agreements to meet the dynamic needs of the BARDA mission through a streamlined, expedited process.

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Maryland Tech Council Announces New Chair and Board

The Maryland Tech Council, the largest technology and life sciences trade association in the state, today welcomed a new chair and slate of technology and life sciences leaders to its board of directors. The new members join the board as MTC enjoys rapid growth in its membership, educational programs, and workforce development initiatives.

“I am thrilled to welcome these new members, who represent some of the most respected companies in Maryland’s innovation ecosystem,” said Kelly Schulz, CEO of the Maryland Tech Council. “Our ability to educate, connect, and advocate for members depends on diverse perspectives from creative and forward-thinking board members. I look forward to working with our board as we seek to make our state the destination of choice for innovators.”

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