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August 22, 2023


BioTalk Discusses Breaking Frontiers in Immunotherapy: A Conversation with Bill Enright, CEO and Board Director at Vaccitech

What does it take to pioneer groundbreaking T-cell immunotherapies and vaccines for infectious diseases and cancer? Join us for this episode of BioTalk, where we sit down with Bill Enright, a seasoned biotech executive with a remarkable track record spanning over three decades. Bill brings a wealth of experience in building and financing both privately held and publicly traded companies, making his mark in various roles within the life science/biotech industry.

Bill offers a compelling update in this installment since his previous appearance on BioTalk. Learn about the intriguing journey that led Vaccitech, a clinical-stage T cell immunotherapy and vaccine company, to select Montgomery County, MD, within the thriving BioHealth Capital Region, for its new site. Delve into the intricacies of their pioneering platform, which harnesses the power of immunotherapy to elicit robust T cell responses and antibodies against infectious agents and tumors.

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International Delegation from Japan Visits BioHealth Innovation, Inc. in a Bid to Strengthen Biotech Ties

On August 16th, BioHealth Innovation, Inc. (BHI) in Rockville, Maryland, hosted a distinguished group of professionals from Japan, representing the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) in collaboration with the U.S. Department of State. This visit marked a significant step towards fostering international relations in the biotechnology sector.

The delegation from Japan arrived with specific objectives for their visit. They aimed to deepen their understanding of technology transfer and the best practices in commercialization. Additionally, they sought to forge strong ties with U.S. technology transfer experts, laying the groundwork for future collaborations. A significant focus was on amplifying biotechnology research and fostering commercial partnerships between the U.S. and Japan. They also aspired to strengthen Japan’s bioeconomy sector, envisioning it as a global epicenter for biotech products and ensuring its biotechnology ecosystems resonate with democratic principles. Furthermore, the delegation intended to heighten the interest of U.S. investors in early-stage biotechnology towards Japanese startups and to broaden the horizons for Japanese companies in the global venture capital arena.

The esteemed group from Japan comprised:

  • Dr. Rei Uematsu, Deputy Director, R&D Division, Industrial Science, Technology and Environment Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI)
  • Dr. Jun Sato, Attending Physician, Department of Experimental Therapeutics, National Cancer Center Hospital of Japan
  • Dr. Eriko Ogawa, Manager, R&D Division, Amino Up Co., Ltd.
  • Dr. Noriyuki Nishimura, Principal Scientist, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO)
  • Dr. Masahiro Taniguchi, R&D General Manager, KAICO Ltd.
  • Dr. Minako Sumiyoshi, Regulatory Affairs Officer, Sanatech Seed Co., Ltd.

Representing BioHealth Innovation were Rich Bendis, President and CEO; Luis Gutierrez, Executive in Residence; Albine Martin, Entrepreneur in Residence; and Ethel Rubin, Entrepreneur in Residence.

The visit provided an opportunity for the delegation to learn more about BHI’s mission and services, fostering a deeper understanding and potential for future collaborations.

Rich Bendis, President and CEO of BHI, remarked, “It’s always an honor to host international delegations, especially one as esteemed as this group from Japan. Collaborative efforts like these pave the way for global advancements in biotechnology. We look forward to a future filled with shared knowledge and mutual growth.”

This visit underscores the importance of international collaboration in the biotechnology sector. As the world becomes more interconnected, partnerships like these will be crucial in driving innovation and ensuring the global community benefits from advancements in biotechnology.

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Frederick's Zalgen Immunotherapeutic Confers Complete Protection Against Advanced Multilineage Lassa Infections in Nonhuman Primates

FREDERICK, Md., Aug. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Zalgen Labs LLC (Zalgen), a biotechnology and diagnostics company focused on high-impact, neglected infectious diseases, including Lassa Fever (LF), today announced publication of data demonstrating that Arevirumab-3®, its lead immunotherapeutic candidate, is an effective therapeutic for the treatment of Lassa virus infections, with activity against all major viral lineages that cause severe disease in humans, and at very low dosages. 

The study emanated from an extensive and ongoing research collaboration of Zalgen, Tulane University (Tulane), UTMB, and other members of the Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Consortium (VHFC) [] and the Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Immunotherapeutic Consortium (VIC) [] working on advanced alternatives to treat Lassa fever and other hemorrhagic viral infections.

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Global Breakthroughs for a Healthier Future - Registration for the 9th Annual BioHealth Capital Region Forum Now Live

Get ready for an exceptional experience at the 9th Annual BioHealth Capital Region Forum. Registration is now live for this highly anticipated event, taking place on September 19th and 20th, 2023, at the US Pharmacopeia (USP) facility located at 12601 Twinbrook Pkwy, Rockville, MD 20850.

Step into a world of innovation as we proudly present an entirely in-person experience under the theme "Global Breakthroughs for a Healthier Future." After a period of remote events, we're thrilled to bring together industry professionals for face-to-face interactions once again with no registration fees, thanks to our generous event sponsors!

Prepare to be part of the premier gathering for the biopharma sector, as the in-person BioHealth Capital Region Forum attracts over 1,100 registrants annually. Esteemed government officials, academic leaders, and industry executives will converge at this prestigious event, creating a vibrant atmosphere for reconnection, partnership rekindling, and exploration of new growth avenues within the region.

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Applications to Compete in the 8th Annual BioHealth Capital Region Crab Trap are Now Being Accepted!

Now in its 8th year, the BioHealth Capital Region Crab Trap continues to grow, attracting applicants from around the region, country, and internationally. The competition highlights entrepreneurs with commercially relevant diagnostics, medical devices, therapeutics, and other transformative health solutions.

This year's Crab Trap winner will be eligible for a package of prizes worth more than $50,000. Prizes for the qualifying Crab Trap winner include:

  • A $10,000 cash prize from Greenberg Traurig
  • A $25,000 cash prize from Montgomery County (for a firm headquartered in Montgomery County)
  • A one-year residency at JLABS @ Washington, D.C. (for a firm of their choice)
  • $10,000 in Preclinical CRO services from Noble Life Sciences.

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Apply Now for the 6th Annual BioHealth Capital Region Investor Conference: Uniting Visionary Entrepreneurs and Pioneering Investors for Transformative Funding

The 6th Annual BioHealth Capital Region Investor Conference is just around the corner! Taking place on September 21st, 2023, at the US Pharmacopeia, this in-person event brings together ambitious entrepreneurs, startup-up companies and innovative BioHealth companies with a diverse group of influential investors, offering funding opportunities ranging from pre-seed to Series A.

The BioHealth Capital Region is renowned for its vibrant biotechnology and life sciences community, a breeding ground for groundbreaking advancements and success stories. The conference's history is marked with exceptional achievements, from initial funding rounds to subsequent financings, successful IPOs, and engaging M&A activities.

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