BHCR IC 250 250 pxThe 6th Annual BioHealth Capital Region Investor Conference is just around the corner! Taking place on September 21st, 2023, at the US Pharmacopeia, this in-person event brings together ambitious entrepreneurs, startup-up companies and innovative BioHealth companies with a diverse group of influential investors, offering funding opportunities ranging from pre-seed to Series A.

The BioHealth Capital Region is renowned for its vibrant biotechnology and life sciences community, a breeding ground for groundbreaking advancements and success stories. The conference's history is marked with exceptional achievements, from initial funding rounds to subsequent financings, successful IPOs, and engaging M&A activities.


Calling Entrepreneurs and BioHealth Companies: Unlock Your Potential with Transformative Funding

For entrepreneurs and BioHealth companies seeking to take their ventures to new heights, this event presents an unparalleled opportunity to engage with key investors actively searching for promising and innovative ventures. Whether you are a young startup or an established player in the industry, the BioHealth Capital Region Investor Conference offers a chance to connect with potential investors who can provide the financial backing needed to propel your business forward.

By applying for the conference, you can secure your spot among the industry's movers and shakers and tap into a dynamic funding and support ecosystem. Don't miss this chance to make connections that could change the trajectory of your company. To apply for the chance to set up meetings with interested investors, visit

Investors: Discover the Next Breakthrough Innovation in BioHealth

For visionary investors seeking to invest in cutting-edge BioHealth ventures, the 6th Annual BioHealth Capital Region Investor Conference is a must-attend event. This exclusive gathering offers a unique opportunity to connect with high-potential companies and entrepreneurs driving innovation in the biotechnology and life sciences sectors.

Register your interest now and join like-minded investors who share your passion for identifying and supporting groundbreaking technologies and life-changing discoveries. This conference is your gateway to discovering the next big thing in the BioHealth industry.

Participating in the conference gives you access to an exclusive selection of innovative companies that have undergone rigorous evaluation, ensuring that only the most promising and investment-worthy opportunities are presented. Don't miss this opportunity – register now to be part of the dynamic BioHealth ecosystem and connect with visionary entrepreneurs. To register as an investor looking to invest in companies, visit

The 6th Annual BioHealth Capital Region Investor Conference promises to be a transformative event for entrepreneurs and investors. Set in the thriving heart of the BioHealth Capital Region, this conference is the ideal platform to bridge the gap between innovative ideas and critical funding.

Mark your calendar for September 21st, 2023, and join us at the US Pharmacopeia for a day filled with visionary discussions, groundbreaking opportunities, and meaningful connections.

Whether you are seeking investment or looking to invest, the 6th Annual BioHealth Capital Region Investor Conference is where transformative partnerships are born. Seize the opportunity to shape the future of BioHealth – we look forward to welcoming you at the conference!