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BioHealth Innovation’s International Soft-Landing Program assists foreign companies entering the U.S. market with client relationships varying based upon individual company requirements. BHI can assist those seeking US non-dilutive funding through the establish of a US subsidiary in which BHI has minor control (see A below) and/or by providing any of the other support listed in B-G below.  Depending upon the Scope of Work, these services may be offered on a per project/hourly basis with equity sometimes provided in consideration for BHI support.   For more information, email BHI@BioHealth

 A. U.S Subsidiary/Corporation Creation

  • Create a U.S. corporate entity enabling company to qualify for U.S. federal non-dilutive funding.*
  • Ensure international parent maintains ownership of its intellectual property.
  • Provide startup management support and/or operating personnel.
  • Provide interim U.S corporate office space with desk, mail, receptionist, meeting room services
  • Assist in locating appropriate lab, office or other facility space as required.

B. Business Development and Market Analysis

  • Assist with the development of corporate strategy, product development and business plans, pitch decks and fundraising narratives.
  • Identify potential corporate partners, collaborators, and
  • Assist with data/evidence development strategy (i.e. bench, in vitro, preclinical, clinical testing) supporting both market adoption and regulatory requirements.
  • Help identify and make introductions to prospective strategic partners, investors, and licensees, and provide advice regarding potential agreements.
  • Assist in market sizing and competitor profiling for specific products and services.
  • Develop the business case and clinical strategy required for market adoption, sales and marketing.

C. Grant Funding/Non-Dilutive Funding Assistance

  • Identify county, state, federal, foundation, and private economic development funding programs that align with company’s product development plans and assist with fulfilling
  • Assist with the development of non-dilutive and dilutive grant proposals (i.e. refining project goals, research strategy, budget and cost proposal, program officer and KOL introductions, commercial relevance narrative).

D. Human Resource and General Administration Support

  1. Provide support regarding posting US positions via BHI HR function.
  2. Facilitate interview process thru use of BHI facilities for Skype conference calls/interviews with prospective candidates.
  3. Provide template for HR employee handbook for US personnel (employees, contractors/consultants).
  4. Provide advice regarding salary and fringe benefit negotiations.
  5. Review media, marketing or printed material in coordination via BHI marketing.
  6. Provide mailing address and access to desk space and other amenities. 
  7. Provide Executive Administrator and receptionist support including phone, email, and mail. 

E. Marketing and Promotion

  1. Assist with product launch/US subsidiary opening and other opportunities for visibility.
  2. Provide marketing and branding advice including recommendations regarding online and print publications, industry tradeshows, investment conference and other events.
  3. Draft press releases and edit other promotional materials for US target market

F. Pricing and Reimbursement

  • Identify product pricing experts to develop relevant pricing models based on relevant research (i.e. product value, payer strategies, competition, willingness to pay).
  • Identify reimbursement experts with relevant expertise to develop strategic reimbursement assessments based on pricing research, payer landscaping, medical coding research, etc.

G. Regulatory

  • Identify and map potential regulatory pathways for specific products and services.
  • Identify appropriate regulatory consultants to create regulatory strategy and support regulatory submissions, filings and correspondence with regulatory agencies.
  • Support outreach to governing bodies.
  • Support generation of regulatory filings.

H. Resource Identification

  • Assist in locating appropriate lab, office or other facility space as required.
  • Assist with finding CMOs and/or resources to establish U.S. manufacturing operations.
  • Assist with finding CROs and/or related resources (i.e. trials hosts).
  • Assist with finding legal, accounting, and other resources to support business growth.



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*(BHI’s U.S. soft-landings are structured to enable the new U.S. corporate entity to meet eligibility requirements for Maryland and U.S. federal funding agency small business grant and assistance programs while enabling the international client to control its Intellectual Property. To comply with these eligibility rules, the business must have at least 51% of its ownership held by U.S. citizens and/or permanent resident aliens. (See