Wondering what the future of health IT in Marylands holds? Judging by the startups that presented their successes during Maryland's first health IT accelerator demo day we are only now beginning to scratch the surface of the exciting new technologies that will be making their appearance over the next few years. BHI is proud to have been a founding sponsor of this initiative. With the added support of major players from Maryland's biohealth community, DreamIt Health Baltimore has proven to be a success - one that shows that for Maryland to truly become the next big biohealth hub, all key players need to work together in making that a reality.

Congratulations to all the companies that graduated!

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Below are pictures of the BHI staff and board members that attended the Demo Day:

dreamit-demo-day-1BHI's Rich Bendis and DreamIt's David Bookspan

dreamit-demo-day-2Rich Bendis, DreamIt's Jason Hardebeck and Eliott Menschik

dreamit-demo-day-3BHI's Arielle Dolegui, Rich Bendis, and Amanda Wilson

dreamit-demo-day-5BHI's Richard Moore, Todd Chappell, and Renée Enright

dreamit-demo-day-6DreamIt's Elliot Menschik and JHU President Ron Daniels

dreamit-demo-day-7BHI's Rich Bendis

dreamit-demo-day-8Venable LLP's Mike Baader and Rich Bendis

dreamit-demo-day-9BHI's Ken Malone and DBED's Leone Hermans-Blackburn

dreamit-demo-day-10BHI's Ethan Byler and JHU's Gorkem Sevinc

dreamit-demo-day-11DreamIt's David Bookspan and JHU's Christy Wyskiel

dreamit-demo-day-12EAGB's Tom Sadowski