Maryland-based non-profit aims to cultivate regional biotechnology, medical device, and health care services companies

ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND, February 21, 2012 BioHealth Innovation, Inc. (BHI), a new regional private-public partnership focusing on commercializing market-relevant biohealth innovations and increasing access to early-stage funding in the Central Maryland, announced today the appointment of its Board of Directors, including Scott Carmer, MedImmune Executive Vice President of Commercial Operations, as Chairman. 

“The State of Maryland is known as one of the most well-established bio-health  research regions in the world,” said Richard Bendis, BHI Interim CEO, “what we need is an integrated commercialization ecosystem to turn such research assets into economic success by fostering the next generation of ‘MedImmunes’ here. We are grateful for MedImmune’s strong support and Scott’s leadership to help us advance early-stage research from laboratories to market with the founding of new start-up companies.”

Mr. Carmer currently manages MedImmune’s commercial operations, which includes directing the sales, marketing, sales operations, and global marketing functions, and plays an integral role in commercialization of MedImmune’s current and future product portfolio. A veteran of the biopharma industry, Mr. Carmer’s prior experience includes management and sales experiences at such industry giants as Genentech and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). 

“It is in the best interests of successful Maryland businesses and leaders of our state’s robust bio-health industries to contribute to the growth of these related industries and the local economy,” said Scott Carmer, BHI Chairman of the Board. “Our goal is to better connect the local innovation resources to turn this region into a global bio-health powerhouse that attracts entrepreneurs and investments.”

Along with Mr. Carmer, the following individuals make up the BHI Board of Directors: Michael Baader, Partner-In-Charge, Venable, LLP; 

Kenneth C. Carter, Ph.D., President and CEO, Noble Life Sciences; Ronald J. Daniels, President, Johns Hopkins University; Dennis Fallen

Vice President and General Manager, Fisher BioServices; David M. Gillece (Board Secretary), Regional Managing Principal, Cassidy Turley; William E. Kirwan, Chancellor, University System of Maryland; David M. Mott, General Partner, NEA; Jerry Parrott, Vice President, Corporate Communications and Public Policy, Human Genome Sciences; William G. "BILL" Robertson (Board Treasurer), President and CEO, Adventist HealthCare, Inc.; J. Thomas Sadowski

President and CEO, Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore; Thomas J. Street, Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, Montgomery County, Maryland; and Mr. Bendis. 

Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett, whose vision of a private-sector-led regional initiative led to the establishment of BHI said, “We are pleased to see the strong commitment of the business and academic leaders in the establishment of BioHealth Innovation, which will not only create a continuum of high-paying jobs for our community but also advance human health. Government can be an effective partner, but market-relevancy and private-sector leadership will be the critical ingredients for the long-term success of our region and the State.” 

About BioHealth Innovation, Inc.

BioHealth Innovation, Inc. is a nonprofit whose mission is to accelerate the region's innovation through effective technology transfer and commercialization, and increase access to early-stage capital. It is established by a group of senior executives in the biotech industries, by academia, as well as by representatives from Montgomery County government. BHI is a regionally oriented, private-public partnership functioning as an innovation intermediary focused on commercializing market-relevant biohealth innovations and increasing access to early-stage funding in Maryland. BHI focuses on a cluster of related industries to drive the region's innovation economy, including biotechnology, biopharma, medical devices and healthcare services, Health IT, e-health, mobile health, electronic medical records, health informatics, and biohealth cyber security. For more information, visit

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