Kwane UlmerBenjamin Glenn of A Matter of Innovation sits down with Jennifer McCaney PhD, (Co-Executive Director UCLA Biodesign) and Kwame Ulmer, MD (Venture Partner Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health and BHI/NIH Entrepreneur in Residence) to discuss the new UCLA Biodesign curriculum and their landmark study which asks the question:

“What does it take to bring a novel medical technology to market in the year 2021”?

Topics include how companies large and small are currently dealing with regulatory and reimbursement, the current palette of investment strategies and the possible trend towards a US first launch strategy as the norm. The study so far has produced insightful data on medtech companies owned and operated by people of color and the detailed novel solutions borne out of experiences unique to these communities - as well as the benefits of a fresh focus on addressing unmet clinical needs as a wellspring for powerful new innovations, essential data and a better future for all.

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