Danae expands its 3-D Print manufacturing capacity, adds access to unique 3D printing technologies from Materic

October 21, 2021, Baltimore, MD – Danae, Inc., a Baltimore-based 3-D Printing design and manufacturing company, today announced it has partnered with Materic, LLC and received investment from Conscious Venture Partners through their Conscious Venture Fund II.

Located at Baltimore’s 1100 Wicomico, Danae has used this investment to install eight new printers to meet its rapidly growing customer demand. The new machines extend Danae’s capabilities allowing them to manufacture parts using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) or Stereolithography (SLA) technologies. SLS uses a laser to transform powder into a 3D model whereas SLA uses a laser to cure liquid resin into hardened plastic.

“We’ve watched Danae bootstrap its way to steady business after completing our Conscious Venture Lab accelerator program and saw this as the perfect time to extend that growth,” said Jeff Cherry, Managing Partner of Conscious Venture Partners. “Bringing in an established partner like Materic makes our investment all the more attractive.”

Materic, also headquartered at 1100 Wicomico, will take an active role in the operations of Danae, applying its manufacturing infrastructure to fuel Danae’s growth path. Materic will promote Danae’s production capabilities and Danae will promote Materic’s new printing technologies.

“Conscious Venture Lab helped us from our earliest days and it’s great to have Jeff and his team fueling our growth now,” said Winston Frazier, CEO and Founder of Danae. “It’s also great to have Materic partner with us as they are a leader in new advanced materials for 3D printing which will give us early access to new markets.”

Materic’s product portfolio includes advanced materials technologies for net-shaped ceramics for ultra-high temperature applications, and near net-shaped ceramics for high stress applications. In addition, Materic has a rapid, low shear biologic printing process.

“The team at Conscious Venture Partners has built a strong network in Baltimore that enables them to bring together entrepreneurs like Winston with growing businesses like Materic to fuel growth,” said Ken Malone, CEO of Materic. “We’ve also been working with Danae for years and have a lot of respect for the heavy lifting they’ve done to bootstrap into a successful small business with lots of potential.”


About Danae:

Danae, Inc. is a digital manufacturing service provider for 3D printing services, SMEs, and engineering companies. Our team prioritizes collaboration and relationship management with clients spanning a variety of industries to provide personalized solutions for companies looking to build out prototypes or produce iterative designs. Learn more: www.danae.com


About Conscious Venture Partners:

Conscious Venture Partners is a Baltimore based early-stage venture fund with the goal of developing companies and leaders who embrace capitalism as a force for good in society. Through their associated Conscious Venture Lab accelerator, they help entrepreneurs build companies with societal purpose at their core. Giving them the tools and support they need to create engaged happy employees, loyal and joyful customers. Learn more: www.consciousventurelab.com


About Materic:

Based in Baltimore, MD, Materic custom designs and manufactures advanced materials. Materic applies its expertise in electrospinning, nanoparticle separation, textile treatments, 3D printing materials, specialty inks and microencapsulation to its own product lines as well as taking on custom manufacturing and development projects for its customers. Learn more: www.matericgroup.com


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