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Study uses data to reveal the cities with the most developed healthtech ecosystems in the world, and identify the cities that are leading the technological advancement of different healthcare sectors, including telemedicine and mental health.

  • Out of the 85 best cities for healthtech in the world, Boston ranks #1.
  • Boston is the highest ranking city in the index and the global capital of biometric data gathering, hearing aids, cardiovascular and gynaecology. New York and San Francisco rank second and third.
  • Taipei leads the index for R&D funding levels in healthtech, followed by Beijing and Boston.
  • Boston has the highest number of healthtech startups, ahead of San Francisco and Singapore. 
  • Healthtech employees in Zurich receive the highest salaries, followed by Basel and San Jose (USA). Employees in Beijing receive the lowest salaries for the same job roles.

Berlin, Germany, November 2021 - software development company has released a study that analyzes the healthtech capabilities of 85 global cities. As a company that helps organizations use technology for positive impact in multiple industries including healthcare, Moove It decided to conduct a study to identify which global locations have the most developed healthtech ecosystems. To do this, they assessed each city against a range of factors related to investment, corporate infrastructure, human capital, and their healthtech credentials in different sectors. The resulting index gives insight into which cities have the most robust healthtech ecosystems, and which are the global capitals of healthtech in different healthcare sectors.