Image001In a job market that’s become increasingly competitive and employer-driven, it’s imperative for both active and passive job candidates to do their homework. Understanding national biotech market trends and how those forces are impacting regional biohubs and the market at large could be a key differentiator between job seekers.

If you’re a job seeker in the BioHealth Capital Region (BHCR) or Greater Philadelphia, there are a host of valuable resources for job market research that can help target your search. The weekly BioBuzz Newsletter and Job BoardBioHealth Innovation’s newsletter, the Maryland Tech Council’s Biohub Maryland Pathways website, and Big4Bio are all just a few of the great sources of information and job opportunities.

Add to that LinkedIn and local in-person networking events, and there are many ways for job seekers to educate themselves on market conditions, specific job qualifications, and where one might fit within the overall talent market.

One perhaps underappreciated and underutilized source of high value information and job market insights are podcasts. Podcasts provide job seekers a window into companies, CEOs, larger market forces and even who’s growing and hiring.

As an alternative to listening to your favorite music in the car or while running, switch it up and accelerate your job search success by following and listening to these podcasts, which will provide you with great information about the national and regional biotech markets.


For a podcast that can deliver insights into the local biotech and life sciences community, including interviews with CEOs and updates on emerging companies, real estate deals and a host of other segments of the market, BioTalk with Rich Bendis is a great resource for job seekers.

Bendis and his BioHealth Innovation organization have been an influential figure in the ascent of the region to top U.S. biohub status. Recent guests have included Brian Castleberry of the Maryland Department of Commerce; Doug Falk, CEO and Co-founder of Vita TherapeuticsGalen Robotics’ CTO and Co-founder Dave Saunders; and the current President of the University of Maryland Darryll J. Pines.

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