Emmes-LogoThe Company's Fifth Acquisition Deepens Ophthalmology Credentials and Enhances Global Reach

ROCKVILLE, Md., Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Emmes, a global, full-service Clinical Research Organization (CRO) dedicated to supporting the advancement of public health and biopharmaceutical innovation, today announced that it has acquired Clinical Edge. Clinical Edge trains and certifies visual function examiners at investigator sites conducting Phase I to IV ophthalmic clinical trials.

The combination of Optym, Emmes' ophthalmology certification unit, and Clinical Edge will make the organization a leader in ophthalmic certification and training services.

Emmes officially rolled out the new name – OptymEdge – and branding ahead of the American Academy of Ophthalmology annual meeting, which takes place in Chicago from September 30 to October 3.

Emmes Chief Executive Officer Dr. Christine Dingivan, said, "This acquisition makes us a powerhouse in the ophthalmology training and certification area, a critical part of determining the safety and efficacy of new treatments for eye disease. Our fifth acquisition in less than two years, this is another positive step in our growth and globalization effort. It also reflects our commitment to investing in public health and alleviating the high burden of disease areas like ophthalmology."

OptymEdge ensures the standardization of visual function requirements for ophthalmic clinical trials across all phases of clinical development. This includes certifying and training of clinical trial center staff and maintaining a database listing their current certification status. OptymEdge has a combined base of 36 ophthalmic certifiers, most of whom are doctors of optometry and medical doctors.

Dr. Traci Clemons, Emmes chief research officer, noted, "Clinical Edge has built a great name in the market. The company not only increases our base of certifiers across the U.S., but it adds biotech and pharmaceutical clients and certifiers in Europe and Asia. It has been creative in shifting from on-site training and certification services to a decentralized model, and this is something OptymEdge plans to expand. Emmes also will invest in the enhancement and expansion of our combined visual functioning certification offerings."

Lisa Laskowski, managing director of Clinical Edge, added, "We are thrilled to be joining a first-rate organization like Emmes, which mirrors our principles and aspirations. This partnership will strengthen and optimize our client services."

Dr. Clemons concluded, "At OptymEdge, vision is our passion and our profession. Our newly combined team of experts in eye disease research will continue with the shared vision of providing high-quality visual functioning training and certification services."

About Clinical Edge Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and founded in 2004, Clinical Edge provides visual acuity examiner and certification services. The company's staff members ensure a high level of quality and consistency for all clinical sites participating in the conduct of ophthalmology drug, biologic and device clinical trials.

About Emmes Founded in 1977, Emmes is a global, full-service Clinical Research Organization dedicated to excellence in supporting the advancement of public health and biopharmaceutical innovation. The company's clients include numerous agencies and institutes of the U.S. federal government and a wide range of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies throughout the world. To learn more about how our research is making a positive impact on human health, go to the Emmes website at www.emmes.com.

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