RubinAllain2Ethel Rubin, Ph.D., an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at BioHealth Innovation, Inc. (BHI), recently participated in a “CEO Roundtable” for JLABS @ NYC. The discussion revolved around various financing strategies for biotech companies. In addition to Dr. Rubin, the roundtable also featured Sally Allain, MBA, M.S., Head of JLABS @ Washington, DC, and Board Member of BHI. Her participation added further depth to the discussion, bringing in her unique insights and experiences in the biotech sector.

The roundtable brought together CEOs from the biotech sector to discuss various topics. These included the different types of investors in the biotech space and strategies for identifying and engaging with them. The participants also delved into the concept of an investment thesis, a guiding principle that dictates the kind of opportunities investors seek.


The conversation also touched on the current environment for biotech financing. The CEOs discussed the importance of preparedness in this dynamic and competitive landscape, including having a solid business plan, a clear value proposition, and a strong management team.

Non-dilutive funding, which includes grants, contracts, and other forms of funding that do not require giving up equity, was also discussed. The role of such funding as part of a comprehensive financing strategy was explored.

The roundtable participants also examined the role of corporate venture capital (VC) and pharma partners in biotech financing. They discussed the potential benefits and challenges of partnering with these entities, which can provide funding, strategic support, and resources.

The CEOs shared their perspectives on securing deals, current trends, and factors influencing the landscape. They also touched on the role of brokers/dealers, intermediaries in the securities market, in a biotech company’s financing strategy. The roundtable offered a comprehensive exploration of biotech financing strategies, with Dr. Rubin and other CEOs sharing their insights and experiences.