CBRE2023talentThe CBRE Life Sciences Research Talent 2023 Report underscores the BioHealth Capital Region's consistent position in the top three hotspots for life sciences talent in the United States. The report reveals a booming life sciences industry, with a record number of individuals graduating with degrees in biological and biomedical sciences. Over the past two decades, the number of life science professionals in the U.S. increased by 79%, in contrast to the 8% growth rate across all other occupations. This trend has led to the fastest pace of industry growth on record, particularly rebounding after a downturn in 2020.

Among the specific roles and jobs within the sector, medical scientists have seen the greatest increase. However, the report also notes a fierce competition for talent, with the industry facing a "furious search for talent" to meet escalating demands for its products and services. Despite this overall growth and competitiveness across the country, the BioHealth Capital Region stands out for its ability to attract and retain top talent, as evidenced by its position in the top three.

The study also provides valuable geographic insights, identifying the top 25 cities where biotech companies can find life science research talent. The BioHealth Capital Region's consistent presence in the top three signifies its strategic importance in the life sciences industry. The region's robust infrastructure, rich talent pool, and innovative culture make it a preferred destination for biotech companies. Other cities like San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles/Orange County, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, and Albuquerque also emerged as significant hubs of talent.

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