AddimmuneAddimmune will build upon the success of American Gene Technologies Phase 1 HIV clinical trial, accelerating the clinical development with dedicated investment and singular focus on HIV.

American Gene Technologies, a clinical-stage biotechnology company based in Rockville, Maryland, is launching a new company — Addimmune — to continue to develop gene and cell therapy technologies to cure HIV. Addimmune will focus solely on advancing an HIV cure, building upon more than a decade of work by AGT that led to a successful Phase 1 HIV gene and cell therapy clinical trial.

Addimmune aims to create tremendous benefits for HIV patients, payers, and the public. Its gene therapy technology has the power to transform millions of lives. The new company’s name represents a fusion of two fundamental concepts: using gene and cell therapy to add new capacity to the human T cell to create an improved immune system to fight HIV.

Addimmune is founded on the solid legacy established by AGT.

Spinning off the HIV components into a separate company enables Addimmune to focus its resources on the Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trials.
The Phase 2 clinical trial will optimize the regimen for an expanded trial, treating fifty to one hundred patients with the intention to firmly establish efficacy levels that justify a pivotal study. If successful, upcoming additional clinical trials could allow Addimmune to continue towards commercialization and the goal of providing improved outcomes and quality of life for people living with HIV.

“I founded American Gene Technologies fifteen years ago in the wake of the Human Genome Project, inspired by scientific discoveries in viral vectors and other technological advancements in gene and cell therapy. I saw a future where modifying DNA would lead to treatments and cures for formerly intractable diseases. Fast forward to today, our HIV clinical trial has produced a successful Phase 1 for our single-infusion gene therapy, AGT103-T. Now we’re launching a new company, Addimmune, to accelerate our research and continue to pursue our mission to cure HIV. We feel the market is receptive to this mission, data, and potential. Additional capital and a laser focus on HIV will align our company with the hopes and needs of the HIV community and maximize our chance of success,” explained American Gene Technologies CEO, Jeff Galvin.

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