Internsstackednew2BioHealth Innovations (BHI) is thrilled to welcome Ashleigh Acker and Sebastian Chung as the newest additions to our internship program. Their diverse backgrounds and passion for biotechnology make them valuable assets to our organization.

Sebastian Chung, a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University, is on track to complete his Master's in Biotechnology in the spring of 2024. During his undergraduate years at the University of Washington in Seattle, Sebastian excelled in the study of physiology and sales, all while co-captaining the men's club golf team. His expertise lies within the multi-omic space, having worked as an account manager at NanoString Technologies, a leading biotechnology company. Sebastian's extensive experience in consulting on sequencing and spatial biology projects, particularly with large pharmaceutical companies in the greater New England area, will undoubtedly contribute to our innovative research initiatives. When he's not immersed in the world of biotechnology, Sebastian enjoys playing golf and watching premier league soccer.

Ashleigh Acker, a recent graduate of Northwestern University's Master of Biotechnology program, brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to BHI. With a Bachelor of Science in Biology/Biological Sciences from Emory University, she has a strong foundation in the life sciences. Furthermore, Ashleigh's specialization in Strategic Management: Business Strategy from Wharton: Competitive Advantage complements her scientific expertise. Based on Long Island, she enjoys engaging in various activities during her free time, including reading, biking, and dancing or cooking. Ashleigh's well-rounded background and enthusiasm for the field make her an excellent addition to our team.

Rich Bendis, President and CEO of BHI, expressed his excitement about the arrival of Ashleigh and Sebastian, stating, "We are delighted to welcome Ashleigh Acker and Sebastian Chung to BHI as our new interns. Their unique experiences and skill sets will undoubtedly contribute to our ongoing research and development efforts. We look forward to their valuable contributions and believe they will play an integral role in advancing our mission to revolutionize BioHealth through innovation."

With their impressive backgrounds and dedication to the field, Ashleigh Acker and Sebastian Chung are poised to make significant contributions during their time at BHI. We are excited to have them on board and anticipate a fruitful collaboration as we continue our pursuit of groundbreaking discoveries in BioHealth.