NIH Tech TransferThe long-anticipated intramural licensing impact study was officially released in conjunction with the BIO Annual Meeting and is now posted to a special section of the NIH Community Tech Transfer Website for further reading and utilization.

The year-long study involved a full download and analysis of NIH TechTracs licensing data and demonstrates the true impact and power that our NIH intramural licensing program has had in three major areas:

  1. Innovation – licensees cited NIH patents in over 1,700 patents of their own and NIH’s drug discoveries were utilized in nearly 1,200 clinical trials.
  2. Economy - Sales of NIH’s licensed products supported an average of nearly 75,000 positions each year.  Aggregate sales alone totaled over $130 billion to date.
  3. Health - With NIH intramural discoveries, multiple myeloma patients gained about 6 days/year in productivity and reducing their hospital stays by over 3 days/year. 26,500 deaths from cervical cancer were averted in another example.

The full report, summary brochure and case studies can be found at:

The study was conducted for NIH by the Research Triangle Institute utilizing Department of Commerce funds OTT received via NIST.