Horizon250Horizon Therapeutics and Roche rank among the top pharma companies in terms of reputation among rare disease patient groups, according to a recent report compiled by U.K. consultancy PatientView. 

Published Tuesday, the 2022 Corporate Reputation of Pharma survey asked 426 rare disease patient groups representing some 3.3 million patients to assess the performance of 34 drugmakers in the space.

The report noted that pharma has steadily improved its reputation among rare disease patient groups over the past five years. Most respondents praised drugmakers’ abilities to provide products that are beneficial to patients and innovating on breakthrough treatments.

Still, the industry scored lower in 2022 for key activities that are meaningful to these patient populations, including fair pricing policies and access to medicines.

Out of the 34 companies, Horizon was ranked first among rare disease patient groups familiar with the brand, followed by Roche and Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Out of 31 companies, Roche was assessed as the top company by rare disease patient groups working with the company.

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