Ruchika and Rich 200x500Are you curious about the world of transformative regenerative medicine and stem cell research? Are you eager to understand how Maryland champions researchers and companies in the field of stem cell and regenerative medicine? Do you want to learn more about the Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund (MSCRF)? Listen to the latest episode of BioTalk with Rich Bendis as he welcomes MSCRF Executive Director, Ruchika Nijhara, PhD.

In this enlightening episode, Dr. Nijhara, a forward-thinking leader driven by her passion for advancing scientific innovation, delves into the funding mechanisms that Maryland employs to support research and development at all stages and fosters collaboration and innovation.

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Discover MSCRF's pivotal role in reshaping healthcare through stem cell research. Explore funding opportunities, real-world project examples, and success stories that highlight the profound impact of this research on healthcare and scientific advancements.

Don't miss this captivating conversation on how MSCRF is shaping the future of scientific innovation in Maryland and beyond. Tune in now to discover more about MSCRF.

Dr. Ruchika Nijhara serves as the Executive Director of the Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund (MSCRF), where she leads the management of the fund, grant programs, and the award portfolio. In her role, she collaborates with stem cell researchers across Maryland, guiding them in bridging the gap between innovative research and patient care. MSCRF has made substantial investments, exceeding $200 million, to support over 600 pioneering technologies, furthering research and commercialization while fostering innovation in Maryland.

Ruchika brings over two decades of experience in the realm of technology commercialization and has a diverse background in federal, public, and private sectors. Before joining MSCRF, she held the position of Vice President and Senior Director at Georgetown University's Office of Technology Commercialization. In this role, she led various initiatives related to intellectual property management and commercialization, including licensing, forging strategic alliances and facilitating the creation of new ventures. During her tenure at Georgetown, Ruchika played a pivotal role in establishing connections between the university and the local DMV innovation ecosystem. She actively engaged with Georgetown alumni and other strategic partners, such as the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO), to drive the commercialization of the university's research. Notably, she contributed to the successful launch of the university's gap fund, which greatly supported the commercialization of promising technologies. Under her leadership, the Office of Technology Commercialization achieved significant growth in inventions, licensing agreements, licensing revenues, and the formation of strategic partnerships.

Prior to her time at Georgetown University, Ruchika served at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, within the Office of Technology Transfer. There, she evaluated inventions for intellectual property protection, and conducted marketing and commercialization activities for early-stage technologies and their related intellectual property. She skillfully negotiated numerous license agreements and other contractual arrangements related to intellectual property owned by the University. She also collaborated with Maryland entities and other institutions within the University System of Maryland to facilitate intellectual property management and the commercialization of early-stage research.

Ruchika is an engaged member of numerous professional organizations at both local and national levels. She is a seasoned speaker, often sharing her expertise on subjects encompassing intellectual property and technology licensing. Ruchika has also dedicated her time to education, where she has served as an instructor, teaching courses on intellectual property and commercialization. Her instructional roles have extended to esteemed institutions like Georgetown University Law School and their Biotechnology program, as well as the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences.

In recognition of her significant contributions to the field of technology, she was recently honored as one of the Influential Marylanders in Technology by The Daily Record.

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