SEEDTABAAre you navigating the complex terrain of healthcare innovation? The National Institutes of Health (NIH) offers a powerful tool to guide your journey: the TABA Needs Assessment Report. This complimentary, unbiased report is a game-changer for companies in the critical Phase I of their projects.

What Does the Report Offer?

The TABA Needs Assessment Report is a comprehensive evaluation tool that scrutinizes four pivotal areas:

  1. Intellectual Property and Market Entry: It assesses your project's intellectual property and potential barriers to entering the market.
  2. Market Positioning: The report evaluates your project's standing in the competitive healthcare landscape.
  3. Regulatory and Clinical Strategies: It reviews your plans in regulatory compliance, manufacturing, and clinical trials.
  4. Business Model Analysis: The report delves into the profitability and sustainability of your business model.

Why is it a Must-Have?

  • Cost-Effective Insight: The report is free and demands minimal time investment.
  • Strategic Planning: It helps in strategizing for the next steps of your project by highlighting strengths and weaknesses.
  • Guidance for Future Funding: The insights are invaluable for informing your commercialization plan and preparing for SBIR/STTR Phase II applications.

Who is Eligible?

Your company can benefit from this report if your Phase I NIH SBIR or STTR project is active or was active within the past two years, provided you haven't received TABA funding within the Phase I award budget or a previous TABA Needs Assessment for the same project.

How to Leverage the Report?

  • For Upcoming Projects: Request the report at least 6 months before your Phase II proposal deadline to maximize its benefits.
  • For Ongoing Projects: Use the report to refine and adjust your strategies.

Getting Started

The report, provided by RTI Innovation Advisors through an NIH contract, is a stepping stone to success in healthcare innovation. To request your TABA Needs Assessment Report or for more information, Click here or each out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Embark on your journey with the NIH's TABA Needs Assessment Report – your compass in the complex world of healthcare innovation!