Matt Tremblay and Rich 250 x 500 pxWhat is the dynamic synergy between pioneering science and transformative industry developments? Join us in this episode of BioTalk with Rich Bendis for a thought-provoking conversation about the work of Blackbird Laboratories. Our guest, Matt Tremblay, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Blackbird Laboratories, sheds light on their role in fostering innovation within the vibrant BioHealth community of Baltimore and the wider BioHealth Capital Region.

Blackbird Laboratories recently launched with a significant $100 million founding grant from The Stephen and Renee Bisciotti Foundation. This significant investment aims to bridge the gap between academic research and industry innovation, catalyzing the development of innovative companies, groundbreaking technologies, and a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Baltimore, Maryland. They provide crucial support, including capital, program management, and strategic scientific and business insights, to drive the growth of the BioHealth industry. Their team of seasoned life sciences professionals operates on a value-driven model, committed to reducing the risk of groundbreaking technology for commercialization, attracting crucial investments, nurturing start-ups, and cultivating meaningful public-private partnerships. Their vision is grounded in promoting a thriving ecosystem in Baltimore that will contribute significantly to the growth of the BioHealth sector in the region.

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In this engaging episode, we’ll delve into a diverse range of topics:

Meet Matt and Blackbird: Learn about Matt Tremblay’s story and gain insights into Blackbird Laboratories’ mission, vision, partners, and the exceptional team and advisory board guiding their endeavors. Investment Insights: Explore Blackbird Labs’ unique investment philosophy, encompassing the stage, scale, and industries they target. Delve into their specific focus on critical science domains and gain a glimpse into the innovative projects they’ve already championed. The Baltimore and Maryland Ecosystem: Discover the pivotal role played by Baltimore and Maryland in fostering the growth of the BioHealth Capital Region. Learn about the trailblazers who inspire Blackbird Labs and their strategic efforts to support and empower the regional BioHealth community. Don’t miss this insightful episode as we discuss the promising future of BioHealth with Blackbird Laboratories leading the way. Tune in now and become an integral part of the conversation shaping the BioHealth industry’s destiny.

Matt Tremblay, PhD, is the Chief Executive Officer of Blackbird Laboratories, a nonprofit technology development platform, and Managing Director of Wolf Point, an early stage biotech investment fund. Blackbird and Wolf Point aim to catalyze the creation of new medicines and enabling technologies in Baltimore.

Prior to joining Blackbird, Tremblay was Chief Operating Officer of Scripps Research and its drug discovery division, Calibr. He earned his PhD in Chemistry at Columbia University. Following postdoctoral work in the laboratory of Peter Schultz, PhD, at Scripps Research, he led a group at the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation until helping to launch and run Calibr for 10 years.

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