CarrTechAs the year 2023 comes to a close, CarrTech Corp has demonstrated remarkable progress and innovation in the biotechnology and medical device sectors. The company has achieved several milestones, engaged in significant collaborations, and is poised for further advancements in the coming year. Here are some of the key highlights from CarrTech Corp's journey over the past year:

  • Strategic Meeting with Becton Dickinson: On November 6, 2023, the CarrTech team met with their strategic partner, Becton Dickinson, at BD's headquarters in Franklin Lake, NJ. This meeting was a testament to their ongoing collaboration, especially in their efforts to bring the FROG product to market.
  • Recognition as a Qualified Maryland Biotechnology Company: CarrTech has been recognized as a Qualified Maryland Biotechnology Company (QMBC) for the second year in a row, underscoring its potential as a lucrative investment opportunity with a 33% return through the BIITC program.
  • SBIR Phase I NSF Funding and Collaboration: CarrTech received the SBIR Phase I NSF funding for their blunt needle project and announced a collaboration with the Baltimore-based company, Root 3, for the next iteration of FROG.
  • Global Intellectual Property Achievements: CarrTech applied to the United States for the its first PCT Country and was approved., marking a significant step in protecting its innovations worldwide.
  • Progress in Sterilization and Bioburden Testing: CarrTech successfully completed ISO sterilization and a second round of bioburden testing, achieving minimal levels of microbial contamination.
  • New Instruction For Use Video: CarrTech developed a new Instruction For Use (IFU) video for both U.S. and international markets, which has been integrated into their training for recent human factor studies.
  • Active Participation in Industry Conferences: CarrTech has been actively involved in various prestigious conferences, including the MedTech conference in Anaheim, CA, and the BioHealth Capital Region Forum in Rockville, MD.

Ongoing Projects and Future Plans

  • Sterilization Validation Process: CarrTech is nearing the completion of its Sterilization Validation. A temporary delay has occurred due to a transition in their manufacturing and design partner, Gilero, but an updated timeline is expected soon.
  • Completion of Validation Human Factor Studies and Filtration Testing: These projects have been completed, and the results are currently under review.
  • Anticipated FDA 510K Submission: CarrTech is expected to submit for FDA 510k approval soon, in line with the new requirements for ISO Standard 80369.

CarrTech Corp continues to make significant strides in its field, demonstrating a strong commitment to innovation and excellence. The company's achievements in 2023 set the stage for further growth and development in the upcoming year.