DSC 8939From left to right: Richard Bendis (Moderator), David Narrow (Sonavex)
DSC 8932From left to right: Richard Bendis (Moderator), Michael Carlotto (Glyscend), David Narrow (Sonavex), Jeb Nadaner (ErgonometriX), Carolyn Yarina (Sisu Global Health), Geoffrey Lynn (Avidea Technologies)
DSC 8943From left to right: Jonathan Kiburz (Judge), Dr. Paul Silber (Judge), Dr. Vikram Bajaj (Judge), Rich Bendis (Moderator), David Narrow (Winner representing Sonavex), Jason Fuller (Judge), Jill Carroll (Judge), Christopher Otey (Judge)


Meet Sonavex, the winner of our first Annual Crab Trap Competition! The competition was the final part of the two-day 2016 BioHealth Capital Region Forum, during which world renowned speakers, industry luminaries and commercial giants convened to highlight the accomplishments of today and chart our successes of tomorrow.

Five companies passed the rigorous initial review process and had the opportunity to present their company in front a panel of judges consisting of industry leaders. Avidea, Ergonometrix, Glyscend, Sonavex, and Sisu Global Health were all judged on product, technical feasibility, marketing/strategy, leadership team, financial/projection, and presentation.

The Company Presentations


Sonavex’s EchoSure detects blood clots prior to catastrophic and expensive surgical failures.

David Narrow, CEO, Sonavex, Inc.

sonavex cover
Avidea Technologies

Avidea Technologies uses proprietary nano-scaffold technology to rationally engineer safer and more effective vaccines for cancer treatment and infectious disease prevention.

Geoffrey Lynn, Co-Founder, Avidea Technologies

avidea cover

ErgonometriX is a B2B platform that reduces workers’ compensation costs by enhancing a company’s ability to improve the physical performance of their industrial athletes. The product consists of a wearable IoT device, cloud-based analytics to identify and track workers’ at-risk lifting maneuvers and repetitive motions, and a reporting portal for health and safety officers. Our platform alters the behavior of workers who engage in lifting and manual handling, thereby reducing the incidence of lower back injuries.

Jeb Nadaner, CEO, ErgonometriX

ergo cover

Glyscend Inc. is developing the first temporary ingested intestinal lining for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. This approach mimics that of gastric bypass surgery which, as evidenced by randomized clinical trials published in top-tier scientific journals, leads to the remission of T2DM in greater than 80% of patients.

Michael Carlotto, CEO, Glyscend Inc.

glyscend cover
Sisu Global Health

Sisu Global Health seeks to end healthcare disparities by developing medical technology that addresses critical needs in emerging markets. Each of our devices, both internally designed and acquired, are patent-pending and address the issues of access to medical devices by considering each stakeholder throughout the value chain. See our Executive Summary for the most current information.

Carolyn Yarina, CEO, Sisu Global Health

sisu cover