Startup Maryland today unveils video pitches from the participants in the 2017 STRT1UP Roadshow. Entrants are now in the running for the Pitch Across Maryland competition. Categories this year for the Pitch Across Maryland include:

Fan Favorite; Champions' Choice; Industries (Cyber, Manufacturing, LifeScience, Social Innovation); Overall Winner

The STRT1UP Roadshow, which is the year-long tour around the state of Maryland, celebrates the vibrant ecosystem around innovation and entrepreneurship. During the roadshow, entrepreneurs climb on the Startup Maryland video bus to deliver a 2-4 minute video pitch summarizing their venture and opportunity. Each presenter receives a link to a professionally-edited version of their video for free and then all the videos are posted on the Startup Maryland YouTube channel as part of the Pitch Across Maryland competition. The following link takes you to where participant videos can be found in Playlists based on the location/tour stop at which 2016 companies pitched: