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BARDA Director of the DRIVe Catalyst Office, Justin Yang, Joins BioTalk to share how BARDA collaborates with the BioHealth Industry, partners with Incubators, and helps fund innovation.

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Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC)  President and CEO  Benjamin Wu Chats with Rich Bendis on BioTalk.

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As the President and Chief Executive Officer of MCEDC, Ben Wu leads the public-private economic development of Maryland’s largest jurisdiction which comprises 25% of the state’s economy with a GDP greater than 13 states. A Montgomery County native, Ben is an accomplished executive with over three decades of professional experience leading operations at the highest levels of our nation and state.


American Gene Technologies International Inc. (AGT) CEO and Founder, Jeff Galvin returns to update us of their Phase 1 Clinical Trial of their lead #HIV Program, their expansion in a new facility, and what's next!

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John and Rich

John Trizzino, Novavax Executive Vice President, Chief Business Officer and Chief Financial Officer Joins BioTalk to Discuss the Company’s History, COVID-19 Vaccine Development, and Collaboration in the BioHealth Capital Region

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Sally Mossman talks with Rich Bendis

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D.r Mossman obtained her Ph.D. in herpes virology from the University of Liverpool, UK. Thereafter she conducted two postdoctoral fellowships in HIV vaccine research in the USA, first at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, and then at the University of Washington, Seattle. She spent 8 years within Corixa Corporation, a biotechnology company focusing on developing novel approaches to vaccines, including adjuvants, delivery strategies, and proprietary antigen candidates for infectious disease and cancer vaccines.  She joined GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines in 2006 and spent 10 years in Rixensart Belgium in the early development of infectious disease vaccines. More recently, she relocated to Maryland as part of the founding leadership team for the USA R&D headquarters for GSK Vaccines in Rockville, where she was initially heading up the Discovery effort. She is now Head of the Rockville R&D site and oversees a portfolio of vaccine candidates at all stages of development as well as driving key vaccine technologies, including mRNA and Adenovirus platforms. 


A special BioTalk with former Crab Trap winners from the BioHealth Capital Region Forum. David Narrow, CEO of Sonavex, Bruce Lichorowic, President & CEO, Dave Saunders, CTO & Co-Founder of Galen Robotics, and Vijay Ravindran, Co-Founder & CEO of Floreo, Inc. give updates on their companies since winning the Crab Trap competition in previous years.

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Rich and Sally

Sally Allain, MSc., MBA, Head of JLABS @ Washington, D.C. joins Rich Bendis on BioTalk to discuss her career, the decision to open a BioHealth Capital Region location, and their new BLUE KNIGHT™ collaboration.

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Michele and Rich

Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore (EAGB), President and CEO, Michele L. Whelley, joins BioTalk to discuss her career, the economic development environment in Baltimore, and how to create a greater sense of partnership between perceived competing regions.

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Michele L. Whelley, President & CEO, is an economic development professional who is well-known throughout the region’s business community, Whelley brings new energy and focus to marketing the region, ensuring that EAGB will continue to strengthen its marketing platform as a critical component of fostering and supporting a vibrant and growing economy throughout the Greater Baltimore region.  

Lisa AND Rich

The BioHealth Capital Region and BioForward Wisconsin come together as Lisa Johnson joins Rich Bendis on BioTalk to discuss her career, the industry, and growing biohealth in the Midwest. 

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Rich Bendis And Jen Butler

Jennifer Butler, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Innate Pharma US Inc. joins Rich Bendis on BioTalk to discuss her career, bringing Innate from France to the US, and goals.

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Jennifer Butler was appointed Executive Vice President and General Manager of Innate Pharma US Inc. in March 2019.


BioFactura, Inc. Co-Founder, President & CEO, Darryl Sampey, PH.D., joins BioTalk to discuss his background with the University of Maryland, the BioHealth Capital Region, and the creation of his company in Frederick.

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Alex Philippidis joins Rich Bendis on BioTalk to discuss the BioHealth Capital Region from a National viewpoint, other Hubs, and how the industry has adapted in the age of COVID-19.

Alex specializes in biopharma business news and industry issues for GEN. He joined GEN in 2011 after four years at GenomeWeb, where he covered research institutes and spent three years following biotech economic development as editor of the weekly newsletter BioRegion News. Alex reports a variety of news stories for GEN and Clinical OMICs and compiles the popular A-Lists series.


Charles Andres, Ph.D., RAC, Associate at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, and Christian Barrow, Executive Director, Life Sciences Banking at JP Morgan, join Rich Bendis for a Virtual BioTalk

Charles Andres, Ph.D., RAC, is an associate in the Washington, D.C., office of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. He focuses on patent prosecution, strategic patent counseling, IP due diligence, drug and medical device FDA regulatory counseling, invalidity and non-infringement opinions, life-cycle management, Supreme Court and Federal Circuit amicus briefs, and related business matters.