Ben Holmes and Rich 250x500Are you prepared to discover a transformative shift in orthopedic innovation? Join us in this episode of BioTalk with Rich Bendis as step into the world of Nanochon with CEO Ben Holmes.

Nanochon is leading the charge in the field of medical technology, reimagining the landscape of joint injury treatment. Their inventive implant not only restores damaged cartilage but also fosters fresh tissue growth. Utilizing cutting-edge 3-D printing technology and groundbreaking material, Nanochon's implant serves as both a resilient orthopedic load-bearing device and a scaffold for tissue regeneration. This advancement is poised to redefine patient recoveries, trim healthcare costs, and establish new benchmarks in cartilage rehabilitation.

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In this episode, we learn about Nanochon's beginnings, the uniqueness of their technology, the individuals constituting their team, their funding strategies, and the challenges they've overcome.

Don't miss this episode as we venture into the frontier of advanced medical solutions with Nanochon. Tune in now and be part of the conversation reshaping the future of joint health.

Benjamin Holmes is the CEO at Nanochon. Benjamin Holmes attended The George Washington University – School of Engineering & Applied Science. He has experience in tissue engineering, 3D printing, biomaterials, nanotechnology and medical devices. He co-founded Nanochon in 2016, and has led the company through R&D, pre-clinical product development and non-dilutive and dilutive fundraising. He has prior and additional medical device startup experience, notably with commercial-stage device company SonoStik.