Infinity BioBALTIMORE--()--Infinity Bio, Inc. announces its new antibody profiling platform, leveraging Molecular Indexing of Proteins by Self-Assembly (MIPSA) technology. This platform offers unparalleled depth in immune system analysis, advancing immunology, virology, autoimmunity, and allergy research, providing new disease insights, and discovering new biomarkers and treatments. The MIPSA technology exploits recent advances in high throughput DNA sequencing and DNA synthesis, to create and analyze the most complete panels of immune targets available.

The immune system crafts antibodies from approximately one quadrillion options, enabling it to identify and neutralize any infectious threat. However, flaws in the immune system can result in excessive inflammation, autoimmunity, or allergies. Infinity Bio’s scientists have developed a novel technique, MIPSA, to examine the extensive array of antibodies present in blood or other fluid, providing comprehensive understanding of individual immune responses.

Infinity Bio's proprietary MIPSA technology is a leap forward in antibody profiling. It achieves unmatched breadth and resolution in mapping the molecular targets of immune responses. The company’s current catalog of antigen panels – VirSIGHT, HuSIGHT, and AllerSIGHT – blend full-length protein and peptide libraries, providing the most in-depth assay for detecting antibodies targeting all human viruses, self-proteins, or allergic proteins, respectively, all in a single test. This capability places Infinity Bio at the forefront of disease research, biomarker discovery, monoclonal antibody optimization, vaccine development, and therapeutic advancement.

Caroline Popper, M.D., CEO of Infinity Bio, states, “As a leader in antibody profiling, we aim to surpass the limits of previous technologies by offering best-in-class infrastructure and processes in a truly state-of-the-art purpose-built laboratory to manage large sample and data sets, provide cutting-edge analyses and return insights into disease etiology. Our services support academic and pharmaceutical researchers, including large cohort studies, with great potential to enhance clinical trial outcomes and therapy selection.”

Infinity Bio’s antibody profiling services will be used for:

  1. Cohort Studies: Discovering disease mechanisms, triggers, and modifiers.
  2. Clinical Trials: Enhancing patient phenotypic characterization and stratification based on immune responses.
  3. Vaccine Development: Linking antibody responses to vaccine efficacy and identifying unforeseen liabilities.
  4. Immuno-Oncology Therapeutics: Utilizing autoantibody analysis to discover novel cancer targets and identify potentially dangerous adverse events early.
  5. Biomarker Discovery: Uncovering biomarkers for infectious and autoimmune diseases via unbiased patient antibody profiling.
  6. Monoclonal Antibody Characterization: Precisely defining the binding profiles, including off-target reactivities, of clinical or reagent-grade antibodies.

Infinity Bio’s Science-as-a-Service model offers detailed, comprehensive, and reproducible antibody response analyses. Their diverse antigen libraries and advanced technology support small-scale and large-cohort studies. This scalability and unique custom library design flexibility position Infinity Bio as a valuable biomedical research partner.

H. Benjamin Larman, Ph.D., co-founder and CSO of Infinity Bio and Associate Professor of Pathology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, explains, “Infinity Bio was formed to elucidate each individual’s portfolio of antibodies. Our services open new windows to observe, for the first time, how each individual immune system perceives the world, including its own host.”

Stephen Elledge, Ph.D., scientific co-founder of Infinity Bio and Gregor Mendel Professor of Genetics at Harvard University, adds, “So many important disease mechanisms have been shrouded in the mysteries of the immune system. Robust and comprehensive antibody profiling promises to unlock these insights across a spectrum of important human diseases.”

Caroline Popper adds, “We’re not merely a service provider; we are partners in healthcare innovation, recognizing the central role of inflammation and immunity in human disease and its treatment.”

Infinity Bio was launched with investment from PTX Capital and Blackbird BioVentures.

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About Infinity Bio

Founded in 2023, Baltimore-based Infinity Bio, Inc., is a leading biotechnology company specializing in advanced antibody profiling. Their commitment to innovation and excellence in science-as-a-service, combined with their proprietary MIPSA technology, positions them as a valuable partner in understanding immunity across a broad spectrum of applications. Infinity Bio offers innovative solutions and services to pharma, academia, and the greater biomedical research community.


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