KempColumbiaApril 2, 2024, Frederick, Maryland — Kemp Proteins LLC, a leading provider of monoclonal antibody development and gene-to-protein services, announced today that the company has entered a Strategic Partnership with Columbia Biosciences of Frederick, Maryland. With a long history in manufacturing of fluorescent proteins and renowned excellence in protein conjugation, Columbia Biosciences uses its experience to select appropriate fluorophores and conjugation chemistries for target antibodies and proteins. Columbia’s technology is broadly applicable in the molecular tools and diagnostic space with applications in Flow Cytometry, Luminex, Western Blot/ELISA, Microscopy and High Throughput Screening. The combination of Kemp’s capability to develop and manufacture gram quantities of proteins and monoclonal antibodies for its clients, together with Columbia’s superior fluorescent conjugation, will provide a streamlined opportunity to generate client-directed, custom-tailored ready-to-use molecular tools manufactured under ISO13485:2016 compliant Quality Management Systems.

Additionally, the partnership will utilize Kemp’s monoclonal antibody facility and expertise to generate a library of research antibodies that will be fluorescently labeled for use in a wide range of research fields. The agreement demonstrates Kemp’s continued commitment to building a broad complement of bioservices focused on providing clients with world-class protein related development services and protein-based tools for research, diagnostic, and drug development.

John Morseman, CEO of Columbia Biosciences commented, “The power of this partnership is the combination of complementary capabilities to provide clients with a rapid and efficient means to produce “tools” that will accelerate and drive research and development in diagnostics and therapeutics.” Under the Partnership, Kemp Proteins will utilize its proven monoclonal antibody development and gene-to-protein capabilities to produce, purify and QC the antibodies/proteins for supply to Columbia Biosciences for fluorescent labeling. The final labeled product will be certified through Kemp’s QC.

“We look forward to working with John and his team  to provide the life science market with innovative and customized molecular tools and reagents. This strategic partnership will provide turnkey custom solutions for our biopharma, diagnostic and life science clients,” said Michael Keefe, CEO for Kemp Proteins.

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Kemp Proteins (formerly Kempbio) is a leading provider of gene-to-protein, hybridoma and cell line development services. For more than 20 years, Kemp’s team of protein problem-solvers has delivered best-in-class services that optimize productivity and mitigate risk for life sciences innovators developing protein-based products, including human and veterinary diagnostics, biopharmaceuticals, and vaccines. Kemp Proteins is a Six.02 Bioservices member company.

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Columbia Biosciences, based in Frederick, Maryland, is a biotechnology company that specializes in the development and production of high-quality fluorescent labeling reagents and assays. These products are used in a variety of research applications, including flow cytometry, microscopy, and in vitro diagnostics. Columbia Biosciences’ mission is to provide innovative solutions to researchers and diagnostic developers, with a focus on developing products that are easy to use, highly sensitive, and cost-effective. The company offers a wide range of products, including fluorophores, antibody conjugates, assay kits as well as conjugation and assay development services, and has established partnerships with leading researchers and diagnostic companies around the world.