Welldocwelldoc® recently presented a new clinical research paper at the 14th annual Conference on Health IT and Analytics (CHITA) in Washington, D.C. This research focuses on the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and weight management, areas of significant interest across the healthcare industry.

Hosted by the Center for Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence (CDHAI) at the Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business, CHITA explores innovative developments in the design, implementation, and management of health information technology and analytics.

Welldoc's presentation, authored by Abhi Kumbara, Anand Iyer, and Mansur Shomali in collaboration with their colleagues from Johns Hopkins CDHAI, is now available on their website.

Clinical Publication Details:

  • Title: "Using an Automated, Real-time Data Enabled Feature Engineering Process to Predict Future Weight Outcomes"
  • Authors: Junjie Luo, Abhimanyu Kumbara, MS, MBA, Anand K. Iyer, PhD, MBA, Mansur E. Shomali, MD, CM, Guodong (Gordon) Gao, PhD

Focus Area:
Digital Health + CGM & MEDAL data

Research Overview: The study analyzes continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and My E-Diary for Activities and Lifestyle (MEDAL) data collected within Welldoc's cardiometabolic digital health platform. Through the identification of specific patterns, the researchers were able to predict future weight loss using a novel artificial intelligence (AI) framework. This framework builds dynamic user profiles based on digital health app interactions, enabling the identification of individual-level usage patterns and the development of advanced AI models to predict and influence health outcomes more accurately.

Ongoing research in this area will contribute to the development of next-generation, personalized digital health solutions that will further impact user experiences, influence behaviors, and improve overall health outcomes.

The presentation is available at https://www.welldoc.com/clinical-research/