MoCoPeteMontgomery County, Maryland, is a top destination for the life sciences industry. Pete Briskman, JLL’s Executive Managing Director and Chair of BioHealth Innovation Inc.'s (BHI) Board of Directors, highlights several reasons why.

“Montgomery County is poised well in comparison to other regions,” Briskman said, pointing to its proximity to NIH and FDA and the strong talent pipeline from local universities.

Briskman also emphasized creative real estate solutions and the region’s strengths in cell and immunotherapy research. “Health care isn’t going away,” he noted, reflecting optimism about the sector's growth.

Montgomery County, Maryland, stands out as a premier location for life sciences, thanks to its strategic location near key government agencies like the NIH and FDA, and a robust talent pipeline from local universities. This sponsored post by the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) highlights the collaborative efforts between MCEDC and real estate partners to meet the unique space needs of biopharma companies. The county's strengths in cell and immunotherapy research, along with innovative real estate solutions, create a supportive environment for growth. Leaders in the industry, such as Pat Larrabee of Facility Logix and Jeffrey Chod of Minkoff Development, emphasize the region’s adaptability and resourcefulness in accommodating biopharma needs.

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