Dan Berglund and Rich 250 x 500 pxJoin us for an enlightening episode of BioTalk with Rich Bendis as we welcome Dan Berglund, President and CEO of SSTI. With nearly four decades of experience in tech-based economic development (TBED), Dan has been a pivotal figure in shaping the landscape of innovation and entrepreneurship across the nation.

In this episode, Dan shares the history and evolution of Technology Based Economic Development, discussing key initiatives in states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, and at the federal level. He highlights the importance of partnerships, detailing a compendium of state and federal cooperative technology programs that have driven progress in the field.

We explore the early years of SSTI, looking into its creation, mission, and initial goals, and how it has grown to support a nationwide network dedicated to fostering tech-based economies. Dan discusses the evolution and growth of state TBED programs, and the changing role of the federal government in supporting these initiatives through agencies like STCS, OSTP, Commerce, NIST, and EDA.

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Dan also emphasizes the importance of private/public TBED partnerships, sharing insights into how these collaborations have bolstered economic growth and innovation. As he prepares to step down from his role after 28 years,and assume a part time role,  Dan discusses the recruitment of a new CEO and reflects on SSTI's achievements, his legacy, and his vision for the organization's future.

Additionally, Dan talks about Rich Bendis’s role as an original founding board member of SSTI, and his significant help in the early development of the organization. He also highlights the presence of several SSTI members in the BioHealth Capital Region.

Finally, Dan outlines SSTI's current initiatives and projections for the future, offering a glimpse into the ongoing efforts to support prosperity through science, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Experience an engaging discussion with Dan Berglund, a leader who has dedicated his career to advancing tech-based economic development and is now ready to embark on a new chapter.

Tune in to BioTalk to gain valuable insights from one of the most influential figures in the field and learn about the future of tech-based economic development.

Dan Berglund is the President and CEO of SSTI, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving initiatives that support prosperity through science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. SSTI is the most comprehensive resource available for those involved in technology-based economic development. Leading SSTI since its inception in 1996, Mr. Berglund has helped SSTI develop a nationwide network of practitioners and policymakers dedicated to improving the economy through science, technology and innovation. SSTI works with this network to assist states and communities as they build tech-based economies, conduct research on best practices and trends in tech-based economic development, and encourage cooperation among and between state and federal programs. Prior to joining SSTI, Mr. Berglund worked as a consultant and for the Ohio Department of Development in a variety of positions, including Acting Deputy Director of the Division of Technological Innovation.