Prof Z ArticleProfessor Ramzi Maalej, CTO and Founder of FluoInk, recently traveled from Tunisia to Maryland to attend the SelectUSA Investment Summit. FluoInk is currently working on its innovative Bacti Cleaner technology, which adds antibacterial properties to paints. It is making strides in the eco-friendly and non-toxic product space with the development of this product.

BioHealth Innovation Inc. (BHI) is collaborating with FluoInk, along with partners from The Tunisian Health Center for University Research Excellence and Sustainability (CURES) and FHI 360, to help grow their business. While in Maryland, Professor Maalej connected with key figures in the BioHealth Capital Region, including Brian Castleberry, Senior Regional Manager - Middle East, Africa, and UK at the Maryland Department of Commerce, and Brian Darmody, AURP Chief Strategy Officer.

"Visiting Maryland and participating in the SelectUSA Investment Summit was an incredible experience. The networking opportunities and the collaborative environment, facilitated by BHI and FHI 360, were beyond my expectations," said Professor Ramzi Maalej, CTO and Founder of FluoInk. "This summit has opened new doors for transforming our academic research into impactful commercial products."

FluoInk’s participation in the Summit highlights the importance of international collaboration and innovation in addressing global health challenges. With BHI's support, FluoInk is poised to make significant contributions to infection prevention through their groundbreaking Bacti Cleaner technology.

Stay tuned for more updates on FluoInk’s journey and advancements in the BioHealth space.