RichAndDarrylBioFactura, Inc. Co-Founder, President & CEO, Darryl Sampey, PH.D., joins BioTalk to discuss his background with the University of Maryland, the BioHealth Capital Region, and the creation of his company in Frederick.

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Darryl Sampey co-founded BioFactura in 2004 and has guided the venture over the past 15 years from start-up through incubator stages to become a significant biopharmaceutical product development and clinical manufacturing company. As President and CEO, Dr. Sampey manages all strategic and scientific endeavors of the Company. Before BioFactura, he led both process development and manufacturing teams at Human Genome Sciences, Inc. (HGS) honing his skills in developing and scaling up new biologics processes and control strategies. During his tenure with HGS, Dr. Sampey played key roles in the start-up, commissioning, and validation of the company’s first cGMP manufacturing facility and associated development laboratories. Prior to his work at HGS, Dr. Sampey gained industrial experience in the commercial research laboratory designing and optimizing fermentation and product recovery processes for novel vaccines at North American Vaccine, Inc. His work in vaccine research has since progressed to internationally-approved vaccines for whooping cough in infants and meningitis in adults. Darryl Sampey began his career in biotechnology at the University of Maryland graduating first in his class with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, Magna Cum Laude, and, subsequently earned a Ph.D. in Bioengineering.

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