Marina, Laurent and RichMarina Massingham, CEO, Aifred Health, and Laurent Waessa, Senior Business Development Advisor, Québec Government Office in New York, join BioTalk to discuss their backgrounds, Ecosystems for Entrepreneurs, and how Quebec can find partnerships in the BioHealth Capital Region

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Marina Massingham, CEO Aifred Health, discovered her love of entrepreneurship on moving to Canada in 2013, having previously spent her career at Novartis, Cadbury, and management consulting firm Kaiser Associates. She co-founded specialty pharmaceuticals startup TeOra Health, with a successful exit in 2015, and joined Aifred as professional CEO in early 2019.

Having witnessed a close family member’s struggles with mental health, Marina is passionate about Aifred’s mission to improve clinical decision support in mental health, starting in depression, with the goal of significantly improving outcomes for patients.

Laurent Waessa is a Senior Business development advisor at Québec Government Office in New York. Laurent helps locate Québec partners for joint ventures, alliances, and R&D collaborations, for American life sciences/medical technologies companies/organizations and VCs interested in investing in this capacity.

Laurent has more than 25 years of experience in business development, marketing, and management in the United States, Europe, and Asia, with cross-industry experience: Fortune 500, government, private sector, venture capital, fundraising, and economic development.

Laurent is a graduate of the Institute for Political Studies of Grenoble, France, with a Master`s Degree in business administration and political sciences.

When he is not working, Laurent enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, traveling, and outdoor activities.

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