Rich and Tom 250 250 pxIn this captivating episode of BioTalk, Rich Bendis sits down with Tom Sadowski, the Executive Director of the Maryland Economic Development Corporation (MEDCO). With over 30 years of experience in economic development, Tom has played a pivotal role in translating vision into action. Together we explore MEDCO’s significant contributions to economic development and their strategic partnerships across Maryland.

Tom shares his remarkable career accomplishments, including successful projects valued at over $10 billion and the creation of 50,000 jobs. His expertise in fostering research partnerships, technology commercialization, and his role in launching the Maryland Momentum Fund bring invaluable insights to the conversation. We uncover MEDCO’s focus on real estate development, financing, infrastructure, and public/private partnerships, all aimed at fueling business retention, development, and employment growth.


Join us as we discover how MEDCO’s innovative financing, strategic advisory services, and collaborative approach attract new businesses, create employment opportunities, and contribute to Maryland’s thriving economy. Through this engaging discussion, we witness the transformation from vision to action and delve into the impact of MEDCO’s partnerships with public and private entities.

Tune in to BioTalk with Rich Bendis and gain a deeper understanding of MEDCO’s pivotal role in economic development. Explore the power of vision, collaboration, and the dedicated efforts of J. Thomas Sadowski, along with the entire MEDCO team, in shaping Maryland’s business landscape.

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With more than 30 years in the economic development profession, Tom has worked with partners in industry, higher education, and every level of government. His career projects exceed $10 billion in value and 50,000 jobs; these include the 2005 BRAC win for the U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Ground and numerous headquarters, research laboratory and industrial projects for major public/private sector clients. Tom also has deep expertise in fostering research partnerships and technology commercialization, as well as new venture creation– having launched the $10 million early-stage Maryland Momentum Fund for the University System of Maryland.

Tom has held leadership positions at the local, regional, and state level. His work at MEDCO is focused on providing real estate development, financing, infrastructure, and public/private partnership solutions to help fuel business retention, development, and employment growth.  

Prior to MEDCO, he served as Vice Chancellor for Economic Development at the University System of Maryland and President & CEO of the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore.

He is a lifelong resident of Maryland, a proud husband, father, and graduate of UMBC. He enjoys coaching and is active on many boards related to finance, economic development, public policy, entrepreneurship, and education.  

Recent awards:  2016 UMBC Alumni of the Year–Distinguished Service; 2015/2013 Daily Record’s Maryland’s Most Admired CEO; 2014 Baltimore Museum of Industry’s William Donald Schaefer Industrialist of the Year; 2011 Daily Record’s Influential Marylander.

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