Ian Dan Rich 250 250 pxAre you curious to discover how experts navigate the complex landscape of life sciences real estate? Want to stay ahead of the curve in the market today? Ready to learn about the latest talent dynamics in the field?

Join Rich Bendis on BioTalk as he discusses the world of life sciences real estate and market trends with CBRE’s experts, Dan Grimes, Senior VP at CBRE’s Mid-Atlantic Life Sciences practice, and Ian Anderson, Senior Director of Research and Analysis. Together, they discuss the 2023 “US Life Sciences Research Talent Report” and the BioHealth Capital Region’s Top 3 ranking.

Discover how Dan’s expertise in real estate strategies for BioHealth companies and investors shapes success in the industry. Gain valuable insights from Ian’s extensive experience in commercial real estate and capital markets as he guides decision-making in the life sciences, office, and healthcare sectors. They discuss major BioHealth projects, delve into talent dynamics, and analyze market trends.


This conversation offers valuable perspectives, from the evolution of the “US Life Sciences Research Talent Report” to the changing landscape of the top 25 US metros and emerging hubs. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricate world of life sciences, from real estate strategies to talent dynamics and market trends.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain exclusive insights from CBRE’s experts and decode the complexities of life sciences on BioTalk with Rich Bendis.

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Dan Grimes is a leader in CBRE’s Mid-Atlantic Life Sciences practice, where his team specializes in assisting both real estate investors and bioscience companies in developing and achieving their real estate strategies. This includes acquisitions, dispositions, and capital placement for institutional real estate investors, in addition to site selection and advisory services on behalf of biotech/pharmaceutical users.

Early in his career Dan had the unique opportunity to participate in complex, multi-billion-dollar financial transactions through his work in the Corporate Investments Group at Bank of America, where he helped guide the reduction of the bank’s debt and foreign currency exposure through strategic balance sheet hedges. This experience helped shape the foundation for the innovative and analytical approach Dan employs to effectively advise on real estate investments.

Dan lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife, Sophia, and his son, Jordan, and is a proud alumnus of the 1981, 2016 & 2018 National Champions, Clemson University!

Ian Anderson brings 20 years of commercial real estate and capital markets experience to his role as Senior Director of Research. He leads U.S. Office, Life Sciences, and Healthcare research for CBRE, identifying and communicating the key trends driving supply and demand of these commercial real estate sectors and providing guidance on the future direction of market fundamentals. and Analysis for the Greater Philadelphia region. He is responsible for generating market insight and intelligence and ensuring that clients receive the most thorough, timely and strategic research information, in a way that guides decision making and identifies risks and opportunities.

In addition to his national role, Mr. Anderson leads thought leadership for CBRE’s Mid-Atlantic Division, covering all property types with a primary focus on Washington, D.C. He delivers presentations and writes reports on local economic trends and their effect on area commercial real estate markets. He also serves as a CBRE spokesperson on the commercial real estate environment and has been published in numerous local, national and industry publications, and has spoken at various conferences and events.

Prior to CBRE, Mr. Anderson was the Director of Research for Grosvenor Fund Management in North America. His primary focus was to direct investment strategy by identifying the risks and opportunities of property sectors, metropolitan markets, and macroeconomic trends. During his tenure at Grosvenor, Mr. Anderson authored dozens of commercial real estate research reports, economic views, and market commentaries. Before joining Grosvenor, Mr. Anderson worked for a private residential developer and a community development financial institution.

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