Lance Kawaguchi and Rich 250x600Join us for an engaging episode of BioTalk as we sit down with Lance Kawaguchi, Chief Executive Officer of the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. Lance's career trajectory from global finance to non-profit leadership is as inspiring as it is impactful, driven by a personal mission to combat brain cancer following the loss of his mother.

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In this episode, we explore Lance's journey from senior investment banker to non-profit leader, propelled by personal loss and a vision for change. We delve into the SouthPoleTrek4Cancer initiative, spearheading a global effort to raise awareness and funds for brain and rare cancer charities, culminating in a historic journey to the South Pole. We recognize Lance's leadership achievements, including ringing the Nasdaq bell twice as a cancer charity CEO, and his success in bringing the GBM AGILE Clinical Trial Platform from the US to Australia, accelerating breakthrough research efforts.

We also discuss Lance's strategic plans for growth and impact in the BioHealth Capital Region, driving forward the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation's mission. Additionally, we introduce the esteemed medical and scientific advisory committee steering the foundation's groundbreaking initiatives.

Join us for an insightful discussion as we uncover Lance Kawaguchi's transformative journey and the innovative strides being made in the fight against brain cancer. Tune in to BioTalk and be inspired!

Lance Kawaguchi has swiftly emerged as a prominent leader in the non-profit sector, following a successful 25-year career in global finance and banking. After experiencing the devastating loss of his mother to cancer in 2016, Lance made the courageous decision to leave behind his thriving corporate banking career and take the helm of Australia-based Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. In addition to his pivotal role within the foundation, Lance actively contributes to various cancer non-profits worldwide. His exceptional leadership skills were recognized when he received the prestigious CEO Magazine Executive of the Year award in the not-for-profit category. Moreover, he was honored as the CEO of the Year for the Third Sector in 2022. Lance was the first-ever CEO to have won both accolades in the same year. In pursuit of raising crucial awareness for cancer research, Lance announced a groundbreaking endeavor to be the first-ever brain cancer charity CEO to trek the South Pole. In December 2023 to January 2024, Lance successfully undertook this remarkable journey to unite cancer charities globally, representing over 20 organizations across the US, Canada, UK, Middle East, and Australia. Lance is the CEO of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation based in Australia. In addition, he plays key roles in several cancer non-profits across the globe.

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